13th January 2017

Beat the Blue Monday misery with Best in Show

Monday 16th January 2017 is Blue Monday, the third Monday of the new year which, apparently, is the most depressing day of the year.
With the festive cheer gone for good, we're back to the realities of jobs and routines, no longer  able to class pigs in blankets as an acceptable breakfast. It’s no mystery why most might feel a little gloomy on this miserable Monday. 
But, don’t fret or frown. The team at Best in Show is on hand to remind you of something wonderfully warming, something guaranteed to crack a smile this Blue Monday. Your pet, of course!   
Now, we know you haven’t forgotten about your four-legged friends. How could you? We just think  sharing this little nugget of knowledge about pets would brighten your January blues. 
Every pet lover knows the joy a dog or cat can bring. But, the reasons why can be deeper than you think. 
There’s a growing body of research into why pets make us so happy. From improving our feeling of self worth to physically improving our health, the list of benefits as a result of owning a dog or cat is really quite lengthy. 
So, before we get started, you might want to get out the pet treats. They deserve it!
(We know it’s January, but the treats don’t have to stop! Best in Show’s Healthy and Wholesome range of pet treats are perfect for your pooch. Our Tuber Chews, are a 100% natural, untreated tree root. No matter how hard your dog chews, they won’t splinter. So no mess, hooray!)
No matter your age, pets bring affection and can be therapeutic for all kinds of woes and having a dog increases the amount of exercise you do. Taking your canine companion for a walk, hike or run is a rewarding way to keep fit and healthy. Especially handy in the early months of the year, after one too many mince pies at Christmas!
Pets provide companionship. Loneliness can trigger symptoms of depression, but having a loyal dog or cuddly cat can stop people feeling isolated. There’s nothing quite like a pet’s welcome and unfaltering love when you return home!
They’ll even improve your social life! If you want to meet new people, take your dog on a walk. Owners often talk to each other when they’re out and about. There’s also plenty of clubs and classes you can take your pet to. From doggie bootcamp to Doga, there’s lots to get involved in! That’s Dog Yoga by the way, and it really is a thing! 
Reducing anxiety. Pets don’t worry about what happened yesterday or overthink about what could happen tomorrow. Off they go, out into the world without a care. They can find entertainment in a tennis ball for hours, it’s the little things. Pets help you appreciate the present and find joy in it, becoming more mindful. 
In general, pets boost your vitality. Laughing, playing and becoming more active improves your immune system. And we all know the kind of giggles our furry friends can give us. 
There’s science behind it all. Studies show that stroking, cuddling or even touching a pet can release endorphins. We knew such cuteness had to be some kind of magic power...
So if you do start to feel a little glum on Monday, reach for your pet. Share a snack or two, always perfect for a spot of pet bonding.