31st October 2017

Best Bonfire Night Tips for Pets

Did you know that according to the RSPCA, 45% of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks? And it’s not just dogs that can feel nervous when rockets start to light up the sky. Cats can also be upset by the loud noises that happen on the 5th November every year. So, what can you do to help your pet feel safe on Bonfire Night?

  • If you have a dog, try to take them for a long walk during the day on Bonfire Night. They’ll be able to burn off some energy and tire themselves out for the evening, before any of the fireworks start.
  • Remember to close the curtains at home. The sight of dazzling flashes of light, combined with high-pitched noises, can be overwhelming for both cats and dogs.
  • Don’t worry if your pet goes off their food for a while, a lack of appetite can be a symptom of anxiety and should soon pass, once the festivities stop.
  • One way to help keep dogs busy is with a new toy or wholesome chew. Our Tuber Chew tree root dog treats release vitamins as your dog chews them, so even if they’re off their food, you know they’re getting some nourishment alongside the comfort and distraction of chewing.
  • Cats may appreciate a hiding place if the noises outside get really loud. Try to provide a quiet corner or a den beneath some furniture where they can retreat until everything calms down.
  • A supply of toys to distract and entertain your pet may help them to forget the disturbances outside. Bring some old favourites in for them to play with and offer up an additional distraction with something new. Our festive themed Fred, the Gingerbread Man Rope Toy is proving to be one of our most popular dog gifts, especially with the pet tester team here at Best in Show HQ.
  • With the curtains closed, drown out the sound of the fireworks with a good film. If your dog feels comfortable enough to curl up next to you, distract them from any big bangs with our Popcorn for Dogs

The RSPCA has produced a clear guide for helping your pets feel safe on Bonfire Night. You can download it here.

Advice for pet owners during fireworks season - An infographic created by the RSPCA.