22nd September 2017

Celebrating British Food Fortnight with Best in Show's lovingly local dog treats & toys

As you lovely pet lovers know, at Best in Show our dog treats are 100% natural, made with human grade ingredients that dogs can enjoy with their owners. But did you know that a lot of our pet products are also made in Britain? Whether baked, harvested or manufactured, our products are proud to be British. And we think our dogs should love British food just as much as we do!

Each of our three flavours of Biscuit Bites have been lovingly created with their own blend of natural ingredients, specially selected by nutritionists for their pet health benefits. And they have been baked right here in Britain. From aiding digestion, to keeping coats shiny and supporting joints, these are bites of proper British goodness.

As for our cracking Crisps for Dogs, they have been cooked in natural sunflower oil with human grade potatoes harvested from British soil. Some even go from field to crisp in the same day! No salt, no unhealthy flavourings, no worries. Natural, sustainable and baked in Britain. 

Our Wild Deer Antler are naturally-shed from Scottish Highlands, nutrient-filled and packed with vitamin D from the extra hours of sunshine they absorb. Available in two sizes, these are some super long-lasting, low in fat, teeth-cleaning chew toys! What's more, they can sustain splintering from even the most persistant of teeth. It's a challenge your dog will happily take on! Sustainable, 100% natural and harvested in Britain.

Help us support British farmers and British Food Fortnight this autumn by tagging your Best in Show treats with #LoveBritishFood.

At Best in Show, we believe it’s best to buy British produce. Hound and human alike!

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