16th October 2017

Best in Show's Cat of the Month - Pixie the Birman

This month - in honour of National Cat Day - we've chatted to Chantal, very proud owner of Pixie the Birman. She is 2 years old and also goes by the name of "ickle pickle".

Read on to get to know our Cat of the Month.


1. Tell us about your Bestie

Pixie is really a sweet cat, really easy going and sociable. Not a lapcat though but she always follows me around & sleeps on my bed at night. She loves being around her humans & loves visitors – not ideal if it's somebody who doesn't like cats, but that doesn't bother her at all!

Pixie likes going out on her harness & lead, and even runs up trees in them! However she's also a bit of an escape artist when she see's any opportunity, giving me a near heart attack every time! As soon as anyone knocks at the door she races to the door in the hope of a rub from the postie or an escape if she's lucky!

Pixie LOVES a duvet day, when I've been ill in bed all day its her best day ever! She's never phased by anything & takes everything in her cheeky little stride.

2. Best trait

She has so many, easy going, high fives, too many to mention.

3. Worst trait

Yelling to be out.

4. Favourite thing to eat

Thrive Treats & raw chicken :/

5. Favourite thing to play with

A big toy rat that she carries about with her & 'kills'.

6. Where can they be found sleeping?

On top of the printer if I'm in the office or on her cat tree if I'm in the lounge, on my bed if I'm in bed.



7. Pet peeves

Struggle snuggles

8. Party trick

High fives!

9. Your pet has won the National Pet Lottery. What do they spend their winnings on?

Raw chicken, wool felt balls and an aviary full of birds to kill.

10. And finally, what do you love most about your Bestie?

Everything! She's my absolute world!

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