15th December 2017

Best in Show's December Dog of the Month - Humphrey the Sprocker Spaniel

This month is all about Humphrey the Sprocker Spaniel, who won our Dog of the Month competition! We've chatted to adoring owner, Jen to find out all about her pup.

Humphrey is 2 and a half years old and also goes by the names of Humph, Humperdink and Hump-dawg.


1. Tell us about your Bestie?

We got Humphrey a little over 2 years ago and he was our first ever pet as a couple.  We saw his little face, with snout markings that looked like a perfect half moustache, and knew he was the one for us.  Despite not only his daddy but also his dad's family being non-dog people (I know, the HORROR!), Humphrey has wagged and wiggled his way into their hearts and converted them all into a family of dog lovers.  "Grandma's" co-workers can't believe that she now says hello to every dog she meets when she used to refuse to even be in the same room as one!

Although he has his moments (like when he decides to roll in fox poop when I'm already running late for work), he's actually been the most well-behaved and easy to train pup ever, so I think it's fair to say he's spoiled us as much as we've spoiled him. 

Humphrey is without doubt the softest spaniel in the world... the list of things he's scared of grows on a daily basis (most recently his mam's makeup bag, but also cats, plastic bags and traffic cones if they're laid on their side), but he's always ready for a cuddle to make it all better again.

2. Best trait?

He loves to bounce through piles of leaves and flick them up in the air with his nose, like something out of a Disney film.

3. Worst trait? 

His very slobbery chops, which deposit gallons of water all over the floor after every drink.

4. Favourite thing to eat

The dregs from a yoghurt pot.

5. Favourite thing to play with 

TENNIS BALLS!!!!! (Or "Pingling" his toy penguin if he's indoors).

6. Where can he be found sleeping? 

On the back of the armchair in the bay window.

7. Where can he be found exploring?

The Lake District. 

8. Pet peeves 


9. Party trick

Opening the bread bin and making very short work of an entire loaf of bread and the paper wrapper.

10. If your pet could talk, how would they describe their perfect day? 

I'd wake up in mam and dad's bed (under the covers of course).  They would immediately wake up when I ask them to, give me my breakfast and then share all of their breakfast with me too.  After a bit of Me-time leaving mam and dad LOTS of presents in the back garden, we'd meet up with my very best friends Barney, Cooper, Timmy and Suzie (and their humans) for a big long walk, with plenty of swimming and lots of TENNIS BALLS!!! 

In the evening, after an extra large helping of dinner and a quick game of "empty my entire toy box all over the house", I'd curl up in mam and dad's lap (they say I'm too big but I definitely still fit) and snooze for the rest of the night..

11. And finally, what do you love most about your Bestie? 

There is no one thing, he just makes life better in every way.