18th January 2018

Best in Show's January Dog of the Month - Hendricks the French Bulldog

This month is all about Hendricks the unbelievably handsome French Bulldog! We've chatted to adoring owner, Megan to find out all about her pup.

Hendricks is a mere 17 weeks old, born on 19th September 2017.


1. Tell us about your Bestie?

Hendricks was born on 19th Sept 2017. He was in a litter of 10 puppies, one of which passed away. He was the 5th out but he remained to be the smallest puppy of the bunch. When we took him home he was smaller than a Hendricks bottle.

He's a fast learner and when other people have looked after him they've said how much of a joy it was to look after him. He loves getting all of his toys out of the box, because one just isn't enough. And he loves chewing on carrots and the wall! 

2. Best trait?

Hendricks is a really fast learner. 

3. Worst trait? 

He barks at your hands.

4. Favourite thing to eat


5. Favourite thing to play with 

His teddy bear.

6. Where can he be found sleeping? 

On mum's lap.

7. Where can he be found exploring?

The beach.

8. Pet peeves 

None so far! 

9. Party trick

High five, roll over and he is currently learning play dead.

10. Your dog has found a magical genie lamp! What are their 3 wishes? 

1. Unlimited treats

2. To be able to chew anything he wants

3. For his mum and dad to never leave him

11. And finally, what do you love most about your Bestie? 

I couldn't name one thing. He's completely perfect in every way. He's one of our best decisions. 

But if I have to name one, it would be when he's all sleepy you can pop him onto your chest and he will remain asleep on you, just softly breathing. Luckily for him and us, he doesn't snort. He's got a perfectly formed nose. 

To see more photos of the heavenly Hendricks, give him a little follow @hendricks.the.frenchie