09th October 2016

Best In Show leads the way to healthy, happy pets

Here at Best in Show we understand that your pet is a member of the family, and that’s why we do things a little differently. Our focus is on high quality, health-giving treats and toys for pets, and carefully curated gifts for pet lovers. 

From our Beautifully Baked dog treats right through to our Showhome Chic gifts for pet lovers, everything we offer is of the highest standard and quality.

What makes us different? Well, Best in Show is run by a small team of people and we're all passionate about pets. We’ve put months of research into the products you’ll find on our site.

We created Best in Show after struggling to find pet treats and pet gift ideas for our own pets that were a little quirky or more thoughtful. There were lots of products on the market, but we were after something with a little more imagination and a whole load more love. That’s why we’ve really focused on the details that make our products special and, well, different to everything else you’ll see on the shelves. Because we want you to rest assured that, when it comes to looking after your pet, you’ve found the Best in Show.

Every product has your pet's welfare front of mind. We know it’s easy to overindulge our pets which is why we’ve made it our goal to offer a wide range of pet treats, toys and treasures that are actively good for your cat or dog's health. From the dog chew toys that also act as tooth floss, to the parsley we bake in as a herbal remedy to freshen breath, Best in Show supports your pet’s health and well-being.

Because we want to keep up with changing tastes and trends, we’re constantly developing new products, sourcing new toys and keeping our eyes open for things that are that little bit different, that little bit special.

We’re sticklers for detail and we know what you need for your pet changes throughout the year, especially as the seasons change. From chilled chew toys in the summer to cosy pet baskets in the winter, we’re constantly testing and trialling new flavour combinations, exploring added health benefits and having fun as we go.

And, it’s not just our product range that we’re going to keep up to date. The Best in Show blog will be full of helpful hints and tips for perfect pet care and pet gifts, as well as news and competitions. Sign up to our newsletter today for updates delivered straight to your inbox.

In the meantime our taste-testing team will carry on testing our new recipes and getting ready for the colder months ahead while you put the kettle on, make a brew and try out our new Showhome Chic Stoneware Mugs. Until next time, cheers!