02nd March 2018

Best in Show's March Dog of the Month - Pebbles the Dachshund

This month is all about Pebbles the Miniature Silver Dapple Dachshund! This tiny bundle of joy is 2 years and 4 months old and also goes by the name of Pebs.

1. Tell us about your Bestie?

My bestie is the sassiest sausage around! She’s eager to please, loves to be loved and other than being out walking, she can be found curled up by the fire or on the sofa getting belly rubs!

She’s very cheeky and wears the trousers in the household. She’s loved very much by friends and family and keen to show the love back by licking and wagging! She hates being left alone and loves nothing more than a sing-off… or should that be bark-off… when driving to the next adventure!

2. Favourite thing to eat

Chicken… isn’t that everyone's favourite?

3. Favourite things to play with 

My dad! I’m not too interested in toys but my dad sometimes plays chase with me, he looks hilarious when he tries to bend down and reach me without falling over!

4. Where can they be found sleeping? 

In mum & dad’s bed (in the middle of them of course).

5. Where can they be found exploring?

My home, The Lake District, there are mountains forever to explore (with plenty of rabbits and squirrels).

6. Worst trait? 

Sipping my cup of tea without me realising if I put it down - greedy thing! 

7. Best trait?

Being a good girl when she's off her lead and always staying by mum and dad's side. 

8. Pet peeves 

When mum and dad seem to think its okay to play on their phone rather than rubbing my belly!!

9. Party tricks

Using my ‘puppy dog eyes’ to get whatever food I desire.

10. If your Bestie could pick any superpower, what would it be and would they use it for good or for evil? 


If Pebbles could pick a superpower, it would be to pause time so she could roll in poo and sniff everywhere possible without being told off by Mum or Dad!

11. And finally, what do you love most about your Bestie? 

What I love most about my bestie is her loving personality, her ability to make me smile every day and love unconditionally. I love everything from her fluffy toe hair to her shiny wet nose and every bit in between.

She’s the best company and makes every day more enjoyable. I love how she nudges my hand if I dare to stop rubbing her belly and how she’ll run up the stairs like the speed of light in a morning for cuddles!

To see more photos of Pebbles, give her a follow on Instagram @pebbles.the.dachshund