05th October 2017

Best in Show's October Dog of the Month - Elvis the English Cocker Spaniel

This month, we've chatted to Katy - adoring owner of English Cocker Spaniel, Elvis. He is almost 5 and also goes by the name of Elvie.

Read on to get to know our Dog of the Month and how he lives up to his name, Elvis the King.


1. Tell us about your Bestie


Elvis is a 5 year old English Cocker Spaniel from Newcastle. He lives for his walkies, special treat food (Mackarel, gravy, smoked salmon etc) cuddles & paw strokes (he thinks he is a king). His absolute favourite place in the world is the beach. He loves to chase birds (obsessed), & really despises cats & the postman (or any delivery driver for that matter).

He has a habit for eating things he shouldn’t such as socks (2 times this has resulted in emergency vets apt), rubbish out of the bin & boxes of chocolate (resulting again in emergency vet visits including Christmas eve after finding the present stash). He is so loving & has a special sense if someone is upset. He 100% thinks he is a human.


2. Best Traits


He gives the world’s best cuddles. He is such a snuggly loving dog. He’s very sensitive to my emotions & senses if I or a family member is upset, & will often snuggle more on these days. Whilst cuddling in however, you have to stroke his paw, and if you stop stroking he will continue to ‘paw’ you. He really does believe he is King Elvis.



3. Worst Trait


I would say howling and barking in the car when he recognises that we are taking the route to the beach (approx. 10 mile away). Nothing we can do can stop him, and it is ear piercing!


4. Favourite thing to eat


Absolute no 1 fave food is chicken. In order to get his instant attention, all you have to say is “Elvis, Chicken”. His second favourite is Pizza. (Granted this is not good for dogs, but he just enjoys watching us eat the pizza & getting the occasional piece of salami or crust!). He gets so excited when the Pizza delivery guy turns up at the door & starts spinning.He also goes crazy for Mackerel, but we have to limit this (just on Sundays!) as he will refuse to eat his next meal if there is no mackerel.

Finally, Elvis is able to recognise when the ice cream van is miles away – long before I hear the tune. Again, he gets so excited, begins spinning & runs outside to sit in front of the van (The ice cream lady knows him personally now). We will often break off a little bit of our cone off and pop a bit of our ice cream on the top for Elvis to enjoy. (Again – a Sunday treat).


5. Favourite thing to play with


My husband bought me a cuddly toy dog from Ikea as it was the double of Elvis who we named Presley. Exact colour, basically the same size & big floppy ears. The plan was to take this dog with us to Dubai when we moved away from Elvis & Elvis stayed at ‘grandmas’ house. I used to leave Presley on the bottom of my bed before moving and each time I came in from work Elvis had managed to open bedroom door & was lying at the bottom of the bed with his head resting on ‘Presley’.

In my final weeks in the UK, Elvis was always wandering around the house dragging Presley by his ear or tail. I decided to leave Presley as a treat for Elvis & he always keeps snuggled up to him in his basket. He just loves him. I have however bought a replacement here in Dubai!



6. Where can he be found sleeping?


In his basket with Presley and a couple cushions (My mam's expensive Next ones which he decided to claim for himself). Prior to moving to Dubai, we often came home to find Elvis (having figured out how to open the door) on the bottom of my bed or snuggled into all of the ‘show cushions’. This would have been his favourite place to sleep had we have let him!



7. Where can he be found exploring?


The beach or the garden. His favourite place in the whole world is the beach. He lives for his weekly beach walks. We have to let him off lead from the car & he sprints all the way down to the shore line and goes for a swim, often before we ourselves have even reached the beach. It can be quite embarrassing at times as he is so out of control on the beach, running, barking, digging holes, ‘drying’ and ‘rolling’ himself on the sand & of course chasing the seagulls (on sand & in sea!!).

He loves exploring my mam's garden & goes crazy if he spots a bird. I think he thinks he is the guardian of the garden.



8. Pet peeves


Elvis absolutely despises the postman (or anyone pushing anything through the letter box…. Or anyone wearing red for that matter as he has now associated it with postman) & cats. One of our neighbour’s cats often teases Elvis by sitting on the grass outside of the house – Elvis goes crazy at the window howling and won’t settle.


9. Party trick


Elvis can speak on demand. He is also has mastered ‘posing’ for photographs, tilting his head and waving on demand. Elvis is also able to recognise the Skype tune when I call my mam from Dubai, sprints to find my mam, sits & head tilts at the screen.



10. Your dog has found a magical genie lamp! What are their 3 wishes?


To be a human (although he already thinks he is a human)
To spend his life on a beach surrounded by seagulls
To be allowed to eat pizza


11. And finally, what do you love most about your Bestie? 


He is the cuddliest dog with the most fun personality & we are the best of friends.



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