13th September 2017

Best in Show's September Dog of the Month - Otis the French bulldog

This month, we've chatted to Aimee - the proud owner of French bulldog, Otis. He is 1 year 10 months old also goes by the name of Oti.

Read on to get to know our Dog of the Month and how he's adjusted to life with a new baby human in the house.

1. Tell us about your Bestie

I got Otis at a difficult time in my life and he really helped me get through it. He was a gorgeous cute fun little pup, who has grown to be an amazing member of our family. He's friendly, excitable and has some of the greatest expressions.

Otis is fantastic with kids. I have a 5 year old stepson called Isaac who enjoys playing with Otis and they have a brilliant bond. I've recently given birth to Caleb, my 10 week old son. Otis was lovely throughout my pregnancy and often snuggled into my bump. Otis is very curious about Caleb now but he has adjusted to having a new baby at home really well. I'm hoping that they will share a brotherly bond and have a lifetime of playing and cuddles to look forward to once Caleb is a bit older.

Me and Darren, my boyfriend are getting married next May and I've made jokes about Otis being our Otis ring bearer as his KC registered name is Otis Bear haha. Darren thinks I'm joking but in fact I'd love him to be able to come to our wedding haha. Otis can be a tinker at times but I could never stay mad at his little squishy face and I couldn't imagine life without him now. He's definitely one of a kind!

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2. Best trait

Loving and loyal. He might as well be attached to me at the hip haha. He loves cuddles, playing (he's brilliant with kids) and I know he would try and protect me even if he is a little pooch!


3. Worst trait

Stinky bum! A lot of French bulldogs are known for bad wind and Otis can definitely be a bit of a stinker!


4. Favourite thing to eat

Anything meaty! If we're having chicken so does Oti. But I'd have to say he does love the Best In Show pooches Popcorn and he's barking mad for the Biscuit Bites especially in the Mature Cheddar flavour!


5. Favourite thing to play with

Blue ball. He has 4 of the same ball but he knows the difference and always chooses the same one and brings it to us to play constantly. I don't think he would ever get bored of it. Even if he's absolutely shattered he'all still jump up if you even mention his ball!



6. Where can he be found sleeping?

On the bed, taking up all of the space! My boyfriend is practically pushed off the bed when Otis jumps up and gets comfy. His snoring is so loud too!


7. Where can he be found exploring?

The park and beach near where we live in Roker. He's always loved digging in the sand since he was a tiny pup!


8. Pet peeves

Oti's pet peeves would be running out of treats and losing his ball behind the furniture where he can't reach it. He will lie down on the floor looking so sad and fed up if he can't get to his favourite toy. He won't move and will keep looking over until you get up and get it for him. As soon as he has it back he's immediately animated and ecstatic again.



9. Party trick

Managing to jump and spin higher than the laws of physics should allow for a little chunky frenchie. He will also give you a kiss if you ask him to, especially if he's getting a treat for it!


10. If your pet could talk, what is the first thing they would say and what accent would they have?

When I wake up and Otis sees me he gets so excited and I sometimes think he would say 'Hi Mam I'm awake, I'm here I'm here I'm here' as he's bouncing around the room trying to get my attention and play with me from the moment I wake up, even if I'm still half asleep haha.

As for his accent I'm not sure... Although he's a frenchie I'd never imagined him with a French accent. I think he'd sound more Northern as I'm from Newcastle.


11. And finally, what do you love most about your Bestie?

How loving he is. He might be a tinker at times and take up all the room in bed, but he by far makes up for it with how amazingly loving and fun he is. I love when he comes to cuddle up on the sofa and how loyal he is to me (there's definitely a reason why I have a mug that reads 'The Dog Loves Me Best'.)

I'm so proud at how well he's handled being around his new baby brother and I see how he reacts so happily when he sees his family. I honestly believe dogs do feel love for their human family.



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