02nd February 2018

Best in Show's February Dogs of the Month - Rodney and Mabel the Cavapoos

This month is all about Rodney and Mabel the adorable Cavapoo duo! We've chatted with their adoring owner, Karen to find out more about her Insta famous dogs.

Rodney is 2 years old and Mabel is only 1. They also go by the name of Rodders and Mabes, or simply - The Fluffies.


1. Tell us about your Besties?

Rodney is 2 years old and was my first ever dog. I was lucky enough to get the pick of his litter and he stole my heart as soon as I saw him. He is a calm, laid-back little boy who loves everyone he meets and he lets them know by giving them kisses whenever he can. As he grew from a pup into an adult, I wanted to give him everything I could and I realised that the best thing I could give him was a friend to play with!

So along came Mabel! Rodney was 17 months old when we picked up Mabel and he really has loved her since day 1. He laid next to her in the car on the way home and put up with her hanging from his ears and tugging at his beard! Mabel is certainly noisier than Rodney and likes to let everyone know she is here. 

Over time she has become the boss of the relationship and will always win in a game of tug but she is very loving and enjoys lots of cuddles.  They really are the best of friends. They play together, wear each other out and then snuggle together too. They are the absolute love of my life!

2. Best traits?

They are loving, cuddly teddy bears who provide endless kisses.

3. Worst traits? 

Rodney quite happily disappears off into the woods, oblivious to his mum’s panic! Mabel loves to roll in fox poo and expertly manages to rub it all in under her ears! They also both bark at animals on TV.

4. Favourite thing to eat

Squirty Primula cheese and hotdog sausage.

5. Favourite things to play with 

Rodney loves a ball and Mabel loves anything that can be used for a game of tug but most of all they love to play with each other.

6. Where can they be found sleeping? 

They both love to sleep on mum’s lap and will quite happily push each other out of the way to get their favourite spot.

7. Where can they be found exploring?

They love the local woods as they love nothing more than chasing squirrels and climbing up their favourite trees. They also really enjoyed their first holiday on a boat on the Norfolk Broads.

8. Pet peeves 

Having a bath and mum going out and leaving them.

9. Party tricks

Stealing socks from out of the washing machine, chasing around the room with them and using them for a game of tug. They can also do the usual tricks - sit, lie down, paw, hi 5, roll over, wave, say please etc. Rodney likes to ring a bell and Mabel loves to spin.

10. Your dogs have found a magical genie lamp! What are their 3 wishes? 

1. To have a woodland garden full of squirrels

2. To eat hotdog sausages for dinner every day

3. To sleep in mum’s bed

11. And finally, what do you love most about your Besties? 

I just love their happy fun-loving natures. They are real-life teddy bears and really do brighten every day!

To see more photos of Rodney and Mabel, give them a follow on Instagram  @rodneyandmabel_the_cavapoos