01st November 2017

Best in Show's November Dog of the Month - Wisp the Labrador Retriever

This month, we've chatted to Rachel - extremely proud owner of Labrador Retriever, Wisp. She is 8 years old and also goes by the name of Wispy Wispingtons.

Read on to get to know our Dog of the Month and what part she plays in her mum's Canine First Aid Workshops.


1. Tell us about your Bestie?

I chose Wisp when she was 5 weeks old and she came to live with me at 8 weeks old. I am a Veterinary Nurse and she came to work with me almost immediately.

I also do Canine First Aid Workshops teaching Veterinary Professionals canine CPR and bandaging and Wisp is trained in letting people bandage her. Wisp has a superb temperament and charms people wherever she goes.

2. Best trait?

She is kind and has a superb temperament.

3. Worst trait? 

She is very greedy and loves to roll in fox poo!

4. Favourite thing to eat

Everything! Nothing is wasted with Wisp.

5. Favourite thing to play with 

Tennis balls and more tennis balls.

6. Where can she be found sleeping? 

She has a lovely raised bed at home but loves to sleep on the bed when we stay in hotels. Sometimes she has a bed to herself and we sit and watch trash TV together.

7. Where can she be found exploring?

Saddleworth Moors as we live very close. Great open expanse of moorland that she can tear around and we generally see no one else. Great stress free walks for her and me.

8. Pet peeves 

Not keen on having a bath.

9. Party trick

Ringing a bell to ask to go outside for a wee. I taught her this from being a puppy.

10. If your pet could be any other animal, which would they be? 

Probably an Otter as she loves to swim.

11. And finally, what do you love most about your Bestie? 

I love Wisp because she is so patient when I am teaching people to bandage dogs. She is full of life, has a great sense of humour and is overall a good egg.

Everyone loves her....