10th September 2018

Best in Show's September Dog of the Month - Lola the Cocker Spaniel

This month is all about Lola the Working Cocker Spaniel! This lovely lady is a mere 18 months old and although she can be a diva at times, she also loves the mud and snow and a good pub lunch!


1. Tell us about your Bestie? 

Lola is 18months and has been with us since 8weeks. She is very playful and curious. Lola is easy to train and very clever, she even helps with chores around the house (like collecting dirty laundry and placing by washing machine!) She even tidies away her toys and returns balls to the ball pit!

She's very social and wants to say hello to everyone, she’s a bit of a diva who loves pampering sessions, loves pub lunches, greeting everyone and canal walks. Lola is very gracious ladylike, particularly when it comes to posing for photos. She has great agility jumping high and long and has a particular penchant for mud and snow.

Lola the Cocker Spaniel - Best in Show Dog of the Month

2. What's her best trait? 

Fantastic obedience.


3. And her worst trait? 

Wanting to play with Diesel, our older dog, when he's tired.


4. What's her favourite thing to eat?

Doggy ice cream, steak and cheese.


5. What is her favourite thing to play with?

Lola loves playing in the ball pit (or with any kind of ball!) She also loves the paddling pool, sticks, socks, her soft cuddly bear and string of sausages rope toy!  

6. Where can she be found sleeping?

Lola will sleep literally anywhere as long as she is wearing or has her fave dressing gown to lay on. 

7. Where can she be found exploring?

Lola loves exploring beaches and rivers - the more swimming opportunities the better! She also loves forestry and woodland to go on stick hunts!

Lola the Cocker Spaniel - Best in Show Dog of the Month
8. Pet peeves

Late mealtimes! We get a reminder if food is late, she sits and stamps her paws on the ground (what a diva!)

9. Party tricks

All Party tricks are balloon oriented! Lola can do head-ups with balloons, but also enjoys popping them and releasing the air slowly so she can feel it on her face!

Lola the Cocker Spaniel - Best in Show Dog of the Month

10. If your Bestie had 3 magical wishes, what would she wish for?

Cheese, cuddles and water. She's a simple soul!

Lola the Cocker Spaniel - Best in Show Dog of the Month

11. And finally, what do you love most about your Bestie?

Everything! Her loyal and loving nature, her colouring, her enthusiasm, her zest for life and her floppy ears!


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