08th August 2018

Dog-Friendly Destinations with Canine Cottages

The dog-crazy people at Canine Cottages are passionate about providing dog-friendly accommodation for the ultimutt holiday, which is why they have properties that span England, Scotland and Wales from tip-to-tail. Each of those properties is the pawfect match to every dog and human out there, for whatever type of holiday you’re searching for, but if you’re a little indecisive about where to head on your next trip, a helping paw is at hand!

As dog-friendly holiday specialists, they know the best destinations to suit your canine companion, so whether you have a hound that’s a ball of energy or a pooch that would rather curl up for a nap, read on for vacation inspiration.

For the bigger hounds…

Are you the proud human owner of a Husky, German shepherd or golden retriever? We’d recommend heading for the beautiful National Parks found across England, Scotland and Wales! The thick fur on your happy Husky will keep them warm even in the depths of winter when exploring the mountainous regions of the Cairngorms or Snowdonia, whilst your German Shepherd will love the varied landscape of the Peak District.

If your pooch is a roving Retriever, the wide-open spaces of the Lake District will suit their wandering nature, or you could always head for the Brecon Beacons if you’d rather a weekend in Wales. Whichever destination you choose for your dog-friendly retreat, a National Park will provide all the exercise your peppy pooch could need and more!

Golden Retriever in a National Park

For the professional explorers…

Keen-nosed Beagles, energetic Spaniels and tireless Terriers will love discovering the Garden of England or exploring God’s own country; that’s Kent and Yorkshire to the rest of us! These vast spaces are filled with new scents and a diverse range of landscapes to keep your mutt’s mind busy and their holiday filled with excitement.

Whether you choose to head for the coast and seek out some of the spectacular beaches, spend your days in the Dales in the depths of the countryside, or make the most of the Moors with many a brisk walk, there’s plenty to see and do in these two magnificent counties.

Spaniel in the water

For the beach lovers…

For Labradors, Collies and Dalmatians, a trip to the seaside is always a crowd pleaser. Cornwall and Devon both offer dramatic stretches of coastline ranging from secluded coves and sheltered bays, to miles of peaceful shingle and remarkable sandy shorelines.

Be prepared for a holiday that’s packed with adventure and fun, where un-pawgettable days spent by the sea will be top of the agenda for you and your furry best friend. Digging, splashing and sniffing along the sand will enthral your beach-loving buddy, and will make for a truly memorable escape to the coast.

Labrador on the beach

For those looking for the chilled life…

Greyhounds, Poodles and Bulldogs are all very different breeds, but all tend to have one thing in common: they’re pampered pooches that aren’t too keen on exercise! Whilst we know that all dogs need their daily workout, these breeds are more likely to sleep by the fire than be up on their paws discovering the great outdoors. Treat your regal pup to a holiday in Norfolk, where they can while away the days aboard a boat on the Broads, basking in the sunshine on their very own cruise liner… or barge.

If you’d rather head further north though, we have some beautiful properties close to Scotland’s finest cities; get a taste of the high life and stay in an urban utopia, where your spoilt canine can enjoy a five-star hideaway with all the elegance they have come to expect in their pampered lifestyle.

Bulldog sleeping

For the little legs…

Flat walks and plenty of dog-friendly pubs to rest up in are a must when you’re adventuring with your miniature mutt, so for Dachshunds, Frenchies and Pugs we’d recommend a trip to the New Forest or the quaint Cotswolds. Cute villages and log fires are waiting in these idyllic regions, so you and your pooch will never have far to walk if you’re in need of a place to put up your tired feet and paws with a hot drink – or perhaps a glass of something cold.

The pretty scenery of these areas provides lots of wonderful days out, and at the end of a hard day of holidaying, there are some gorgeous cottages in the pawtfolio you can choose to stay in.

Dachshund on the beach

Every dog is different, and a pooch’s personality is what makes them who they are. For every characterful canine, there’s a pawfect holiday destination to match, so why not head to Canine Cottages and start planning an un-pawgettable holiday with your hound today.