07th December 2017

Getting A Puppy

Thinking about getting a puppy? We completely understand. What could be a cuter, more loving and loyal addition to your family? However, new pet owners need to be aware of how a puppy changes your lifestyle, plus the positives and negatives of bringing a dog into your home. Here's a little insight into what you can expect!  

1. Puppy name 


2. Age

16 weeks (4 months)

3. Breed

Miniature Dachshund (Dapple)


4. What research did you do before getting your puppy?

We did a lot of research into what he would need when he came home and the initial training so we were prepared. As I run Best in Show I do get lots of information daily and feedback from customers on what their dogs like and Diane in the office fosters dogs for the RSPCA so we have lots of great advice!

My brother also has a Dachshund, Hugo, who we have looked after a lot so we know the temperament and requirements of the breed.

5. What has been the best thing about having a new puppy?

Every time you see him he is just so happy to see you (a little too excited sometimes and does a little wee) and we’re just so excited for all of the adventures once he can walk a little further.


6. What have you found tricky?

He had a few, let’s call them, digestive issues when we first got him so there was quite a few sleepless nights and ups and down. We invested in a very good carpet spray!

7. What hilarious moments have you had so far?

When he was smaller he could fit under the sofa and would squeeze himself under and howl until you rescued him. 

8. What have you fed them?

We have kept him on Royal Canin, which is what he was fed at the breeders and we add in a little of the Dachshund specific junior Royal Canin food for his joints as Dachshunds are really prone to back problems.

9. What have you found fascinating?

A lot of people say Dachshunds are really hard to train but he’s already sitting, lying and giving paws so fingers crossed he keeps going in the same direction.



10. What has surprised you the most about having a puppy?

How easily he just slotted into our lives. We go through crazy half hours and then lots of sleeping, then snacking so he definitely keeps us on our toes. If only pawternity leave was a thing!

11. Have there been any negatives?

Lack of sleep!


12. What advice would you give to anyone getting a puppy this Christmas?

Do your research! I would say make sure you get the right breed for your lifestyle and really do research into the initial requirements and training. If you have children, I would also make sure everyone is on the same page so the puppy doesn’t get mixed messages. Oh and also get lots of puppy pads and carpet cleaner! 


The RSPCA has produced an infographic for your puppy's first year. You can download it and read more information on caring for your new puppy  here.