04th January 2018

Healthy Dog Treats

Over-indulged during the festive season? Us too! And if your dogs have had a few too many sneaky scraps lately too, discover our range of 100% natural dog treats and toys that will give them a healthy, happy start to 2018! Here at Best in Show, we want to make sure that your pet has a natural, nutritious New Year.


Duck & Parsley Biscuit Bites


The Duck & Parsley Biscuit Bites have been blended in the U.K. with only the best human grade, natural ingredients, including parsley, carrot, elderberry and blackberry. Parsley has been carefully chosen for its breath-freshening benefits. The Beta-carotene in carrots contains clever anti-oxidants that will improve not only the look, but the colour and pigmentation of your dog’s coat. Keeping your dog in tip top condition has never been simpler.


Mature Cheddar Biscuit Bites



Our Mature Cheddar flavour have a lot going on beneath their tasty, cheesy surface. These bone shaped treats are bursting with health benefits and all ingredients have been harvested right here in Britain. For old dogs and young puppies alike, glucosamine and chondroitin have been chosen to improve the health of their joint cartilage. 

Rosehip has been picked as it contains polyphenols and anthocyanins, known to ease joint inflammation. So, they can carry on playing to their heart’s (and joints’) content! And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added nettle, which works as a blood purifier to help reduce inflammation and is known to relieve pain associated with arthritis. That’s some very active ingredients, for your active dogs. 


Peanut Butter & Jelly Biscuit Bites



Did someone say Peanut Butter & Jelly? Your dog is sure to sniff these ones out! Baked for extra crunch, these tasty treats are teeming with natural goodness to help aid your dog’s digestion. Human grade ingredients have been handpicked by a nutritionist for their digestive health qualities. 

Chicory consists of prebiotics that promote the good bacteria in your dog’s stomach and Yucca is a healthy root for a healthy gut. Perfect for some New Year detoxing!

Here at Best in Show, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to worry. 


Popcorn for Dogs



We know January is for detoxing, but our Surprising & Delightful range will allow you to treat your dogs while keeping them healthy! Pick from 100% natural air-popped Popcorn or crunchy Crisps for Dogs to keep them in good spirits & even better condition!

Just like us, the smell of fresh popcorn will get their noses twitching and your four-legged friend will be begging for a bite. So, we have created a safe, natural substitution that your dog will love you for! Our Popcorn for Dogs is low calorie, with no salt and no preservatives. Affectionately air-popped and left delightfully flavour free. Who says you both can’t enjoy movie night?! 

As with all of our treats, always have fresh drinking water available for your dog. Our Showhome Chic stoneware bowls are the perfect accompaniment for those healthy meals and scrummy snacks.


Crisps for Dogs


Cooked in natural sunflower oil in the U.K. with human grade potatoes, your dog can finally enjoy their own crisps, with all of the crunch and none of the salt or unhealthy flavourings. 100% natural and wholesome, you can treat them this January while keeping them healthy.  


Grin and Tear It Rope Toys


Your doggy dentist’s best friend, the brilliantly named Grin and Tear It range of toys actually polishes and flosses your dog’s teeth as they fray during playtime. 

The toys are also perfect for teething puppies and for cooling down hot dogs on summer days. Simply soak the toy in water, pop it in a bag and freeze overnight for instant soothing and calm. These Healthy and Wholesome chew toys are a real firm - and frayed - favourite with the Best in Show pet tester team.


Wild Deer Antler


Did you know that naturally-shed deer antlers from Scottish Highland and European deer make superb nutrient-filled chew toys for dogs? Antlers are packed with vitamin D because of all the extra hours of sunshine they absorb, which are passed onto your dog as they chew.

Available in two sizes, Best in Show wild deer antler chews are long-lasting, low in fat and can help to keep your dog’s teeth clean. And unlike all the dangers associated with your pups chewing on wood – because our antlers are 100% natural - you can rest assured that they won’t splinter or chip.


Tuber Chew

Harvested by hand, our Tuber Chews are 100% natural, untreated tree roots from a secret eco-sustainable source. A limited release each year ensures that supplies of the roots are well managed and that supplies are maintained.

Tuber Chews are durable and safe and will not splinter, no matter how hard your dog tries to chew them. And when they do chew, your dog will release the vitamins and minerals that are naturally present within the roots. Tuber Chews act like a fun, natural toothbrush, caring for your dog while they play.

And if you simply can’t decide between our healthy treats, our Dog Hamper contains a full-sized tub of both Popcorn and Crisps for Dogs, as well as a Bone Rope Toy and our very own PB&J Biscuit Bites.