18th January 2017

How to make dog dental care fun with Best in Show's polish while you play

Dog dental care can often be overlooked but it’s an essential part of their overall health. After all, their teeth have quite the job.

It’s important to look after their gnashers. If plaque and tartar build up, bacteria can begin to make a home in your dog’s mouth leading to smelly breath, infected gums and even damage to your pet’s internal organs.

Dog owners everywhere who bravely attempt to brush the teeth of your beloved dog, we salute you. It can be a tricky task.

While regular brushing and check ups with your local vet are still important, Best in Show has a fun and fuss-free way to boost your dog’s oral hygiene - say hello to POLISH WHILE YOU PLAY. Our brilliantly named Grin 'n' Tear It range of rope toys are the perfect pet treat for your pooch. As your dog chews, the knotted rope frays, polishing and flossing those teeth - a doggie dental floss! Our hand woven toys will keep your dog entertained for hours and give gums a good workout. And, there’s a range of creative designs to choose from which means the Grin 'n' Tear it toys come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for all shapes and sizes of dogs!

Managing your dog’s oral health isn’t all they can do either, our Grin 'n' Tear It toys are brilliant for soothing teething puppies. Simply soak your chosen toy in water, pop into a bag and freeze (leaving it overnight should do the trick). Your puppy will be able to sooth their gums as they play while also encouraging puppy teeth to shed easily. They’re the ideal pet gift if you’d like to welcome a new furry friend into your family.

The same idea can be used on a hot summers day. You can give a frozen Grin 'n' Tear it toy to your dog to keep them cool in the blazing sunshine. Multi-talented aren’t they?

Treat your pet (and their teeth) to our Healthy and Wholesome chew toys and we promise they’ll make a firm - and frayed - new friend. 

 All in a day’s play.