09th October 2017

10 Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

When those cute noses start twitching and their big eyes begin looking longingly at your plate, it’s hard to resist. And very easy to treat them to a sneaky table scrap.

But we must beware of the dangerous effects that people foods can have on our furry family members. Read on for the best natural treats for dogs.

1. Peanut Butter

A tasty spoon of unsalted peanut butter can serve as a healthy and wholesome dog treat. As well as being a great source or protein, it’s also packed with vitamins and nutrients.

No unsalted peanut butter in the cupboard? For all the taste in a biscuit-sized dog treat, the Best in Show Peanut Butter & Jelly Biscuit Bites have been specially formulated by a nutritionist to help aid your dog’s digestion.

2. Pumpkin

A seasonal special, pumpkin is a superfood! Full of fibre that keeps tummies feeling fuller for longer and other surprising pet health benefits. It’s loaded with vitamins, promotes shiny coats and works as a natural remedy for upset stomachs.

So, when you’re carving your pumpkin this Hallowe’en, let your pup clean up after you - he'll be sure to thank you with lots of wet kisses! However, be careful to only use the seeds and flesh of fresh pumpkins - or, organic canned pumpkin works as a purr-fect substitute. 

3. Apple

Good news! Un-seeded apple slices are a natural treat for dogs and even help to clean residue off doggy teeth and freshen breath.

4. Salmon

Just like us humans, dogs can benefit from the Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon. Particularly evident in that crispy, tasty skin. Slip your dog some salmon skin as an extra-special treat.

5. Cheese

As long as your dog isn’t lactose intolerant (which is rare, but a possibility), cheese is a treat your dog will relish. Low-fat options like mozzarella or cottage cheese are blander, but still high in calcium and protein.

If you’re un-sure of whether your dog can digest dairy, our Mature Cheddar Biscuit Bites are a carefully chosen, cheesy treat sure to curb the craving and packed with pet health benefits.

6. Green Beans

Small amounts of fresh veggies including carrots, green beans and broccoli are crunchy (good for canine teeth), nutritious and low calorie.

Green beans will give your dog a dose of iron and vitamins. You may want to cook before serving, though they are typically considered safe to eat raw.

7. Broccoli

Broccoli is a vitamin-rich vegetable, but should be given sparingly as it could cause tummy upset.

8. Eggs

Dog-safe brekkie options? Scramble up some eggs for a source of very digestible protein, also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. Stay clear of raw egg whites though, as they come with a risk of salmonella.

9. Chicken

If your dog’s diet is lacking protein, cooked and unseasoned chicken will really do the trick. It can help build up their muscles and the Omega-6 fatty acids will help sustain healthy skin and super shiny coats. Check for bones before slipping into bowls.

10. Popcorn

Un-salted, un-buttered and air-popped popcorn can promote your dog’s eye health and digestion. As well as being a really fun snack you can enjoy together. Be sure to check for any un-popped kernels before sharing on the sofa. For a guaranteed film night favourite, our Popcorn for Dogs is low calorie and contains no salt or preservatives. 

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