27th June 2018

Natural treats and terrains for dogs to discover this National Parks Week

This July, we’re celebrating National Parks Week from 23rd-29th July 2018. Here at Best in Show, we want to inspire you and your dog to make the most of this fantastic occasion.

Across Britain, we are blessed with wonderful woodland, colourful coastlines and charismatic countryside just begging to be explored. So, you will quite possibly find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your perfect walking trail this July. But we know how passionate you are about your pets because we feel the same way and we’re certain that together you will sniff out some hidden gems. 


To the beach!

It’s going to take no convincing to get your pup to the seaside this month. There are sandy dunes to bounce over, seagulls to chase and sea to splash around in. Prime time to practise some doggy-paddling! With breath-taking stretches of sands ideal for playtime, make sure to pack some sea-themed Rope Toys that polish and floss your dog’s teeth as they fray.


Nose-twitchingly tempting

National Parks are packed with scents and smells that are sure to delight dogs’ curious noses. Some trails will be more perfumed than others. For a real scent feast, head to a botanical garden for the finest fragrances and beautiful surroundings that you and your dog will adore.

In the woodland, let your pup stop and sniff out the pungent plants, but don’t let them be turned into a snack! Some are dangerous. Instead – for something to chew on – our Tuber Chews are safe, 100% natural and will not splinter. No matter how hard they try!


Paws for thought  

Many of The National Trust trails have dog-friendly cafes and tea rooms, some of which even offer homemade dog treats. After all that fun exploring, water bowls will be on hand for thirsty dogs – and an array of cakes and cuppas for their owners! 

When researching your route, look for the ‘dog-friendly’ symbol on the park’s details. Indicating a spot that will love your dog as much as you do. 


Picnic time for peckish pets

If you go down to the woods today… Be sure to pack up a pet-friendly picnic! Our natural dog treats are ideal if you’re not sure on what your dog can and can’t eat. Or if you don’t have the time – or patience – to create a dog-friendly recipe, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Our brand new Beautifully Baked range includes our Biscuit Bites, that have been baked in wood-fired ovens for extra crunch. Each mouth-watering, tail-wagging flavour has been created with its own blend of natural ingredients, specially selected by nutritionists for their pet health benefits. These biscuits are perfect for your picnic basket and will serve as a tasty reward while making your way along the walking trails.

We’re sure you’ll love whichever surrounding you decide to explore, just as much as your dog. The National Trust works hard to preserve these picturesque places, so as always, picking up after your dog and keeping them on a lead during busy times will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t forget to tweet us @BestinShowuk to let us know how you and your dog spend National Parks Week!

Need some more inspiration? Here are the National Trust’s recommended dog-friendly walking trails.