14th June 2018

10 pet picnic pointers for a dog-friendly day out

In honour of National Picnic Week, we at Best in Show have compiled some tips to make picnicking with your pet a walk in the park.

Our (not-so-great) British weather is finally starting to brighten and we can’t wait to get outside with our pups. And nothing says summer quite like a sunny afternoon picnic, that gets us all in the mood for tasty treats and ball games. We want to make sure that your pet picnic is as fun and risk-free as possible. So here are our top 10 pet tips for a safe, healthy and enjoyable picnic with your dog.


1. Pick the perfect picnic spot 

Our country is full of beaches, charming coastal areas and National Parks for you and your dog to explore to your hearts content. Find your patch of perfect woodland to unpack your hamper and relax together.

On those hot days, look for a quiet, pretty spot with plenty of shade for some quiet respite if the excitement gets a bit too much. Just make sure to read over the simple guidelines of your preferred park before your trip.

Find the perfect picnic spot in your area.


2. Pre-picnic playtime 

Enjoy a long walk around the beautiful parkland with your dog before settling down for your pet picnic. Let them explore the sights, sounds (and smells!) of the park and work up an appetite for the dog-friendly delights in your picnic basket. And for afters, take a long-lasting chew toy so that they can play while you tuck in to your sandwiches.  

Our 100% natural Wild Deer Antlers are packed with nutrients, vitamin D and are low in fat. They are designed to go the distance and will give you the chance to enjoy your own al fresco feast before it’s time to explore again!


3. Pack a pet-friendly picnic basket

Our natural dog treats are ideal if you’re not sure on what your dog can and can’t eat. Or if you don’t have time to recreate a dog-friendly recipe for your pet picnic. To avoid your food (or someone else’s) being stolen by a slobbery thief, we’ve done the hard work for you.

With ingredients that have been lovingly handpicked by nutritionists, you can rest assured that your doggy hamper will be the tastiest of them all! From Popcorn to Crisps, and Biscuit Bites that are small in size, big in pet health benefits, we’ve got treats that will keep them occupied. For younger dogs, our bite-sized treats will be perfect for some training time in between meals and chill out time.


4. Prepare for the heat 

A day of fun in the sun calls for plenty of hydration. Bag a shady spot for you and your dog to relax and cool off, while ensuring that they have plenty of fresh, clean water to drink throughout the day.

As for something that will keep them entertained as well as hydrated, our Rope Toys are perfect for cleverly cooling your dog down. Simply soak the toy in water, pop it in a bag and freeze overnight for an instant re-fresh. Pack up in a cool bag if you’re planning a journey to a picnic park that’s a little way from home.


5. Pack their own blanket 

To avoid your pup getting food envy, pack their own blanket, which will both help to calm an anxious pet (if it has familiar smells from home) and keep their snacks separate. You can purchase a practical, dog-friendly picnic blanket for your trip that’s waterproof and rolls-up for ease, whether you’re taking a trip to the beach, the park or simply the back garden.


6. Research pet-friendly people foods 

To make your pooch feel more involved at your picnic, you can prepare by reading our 10 Healthy Human Foods for Dogs article so your dog can still be part of the action and you can relax in the knowledge that your picnic basket will be all treat and no nasty surprises. Plan on bringing a few natural “people foods” for dogs, along with their regular dog food if you’re going to be out of the house past their usual mealtime.

To keep your picnic treats in tip-top condition and avoid any upset tummies, make sure that everything is kept fresh in a picnic cool bag – particularly if you’ve got a little way to go to get to your picnic destination. Pack your food straight from the fridge just before leaving the house and keep cool until grub’s up. Avoid any cross-contamination of your feast and don’t leave anything out for more than an hour – especially in direct sunlight.


7. Keep your pup preoccupied 

We humans like to take time over our meals, and picnics are supposed to be relaxed – rather than a race! So, while friends and family enjoy a leisurely lunch, your dog will need something to keep those teeth and paws busy.

Our new range of Fresh Rope Toys are the perfect addition to their summer toy collection and will brighten up any picnic. Designed for persistent pups, the Grin ‘n’ Tear It toys will fray as your dog chews. Great for teething puppies or just for some post-picnic flossing!

For a more active day out, our Dog Treat Tote contains 3 tennis balls, a treat storage jar and a dog grooming brush, all within a luxury red felt tote – perfectly handy for picnic trips. It also includes our customer-favourite ‘The Dog Loves Me Best’ mug, for you to enjoy a celebratory cuppa after your pet picnic goes to plan (or to relax with if it doesn’t’!)


8. Protect your pet 

With the arrival of some sunny weather, the common pickle of hay fever’s sneezes and tickles unwelcomingly comes along too. But as much as we humans suffer from allergies of all varieties, so do our dogs. And picnic spots will be primed with common outdoor allergies such as pollen and dander. 

If you’re unsure whether your dog suffers from hay fever, keep an eye out for symptoms such as red, runny and itchy eyes, as well as any excessive scratching, sneezing or rashes on the face and paws. Before embarking on your pet picnic, find out more about the signs, symptoms and solutions of Dog Allergies.


9. Plan with an essential packing list 

  • Towel 
  • Suncream (for those noses that get burned)
  • Dog travel water bottle/bowl
  • Delicious dog-friendly treats
  • Long-lasting chew toy
  • Poop bags
  • Blanket (in case the sun goes in)
  • Picnic blanket
  • Dog lead
  • Other pet owners (the more the merrier!)


10. Take pictures!

So who’s ready for a pet picnic? We’d love you to share pictures of you picnicking with your pet with us. Tweet yours to @BestinShowuk