22nd November 2016

The Best In Show Guide to Christmas Shopping for Pets

Are you looking for something special to treat the pet in your life this Christmas? A new toy, perhaps, or a delicious treat? For all the best pet gifts, we’ve compiled a Best In Show Guide to Christmas Shopping for Pets. It’s packed full of natural dog treats, tasty gifts for cats and Fabulously Festive Christmas presents for all the family. There are also Christmas pet treats and hampers for all the animal lovers in your life.

Looking for some fun-filled stocking fillers? Come and meet our colourful menagerie of rope toys. They make excellent dog gifts and will last into the New Year and beyond, becoming firm - and frayed - friends. Introducing; Terrence the Turtle, Olga the Octopus, Carlos the Crab, Edie the Elephant, Ziggy the Zebra and Gerald the Giraffe. And for something super seasonal, we have the very handsome Stanley the Snowman, cheeky Fred the Gingerbread Man and super sweet Phoebe the Penguin. .

Whatever your retail style this Christmas, our round up of our Best in Show seasonal pet treats and gifts for all the dogs, cats and pet lovers in your life will help take the stress out of your Christmas shopping.

Countdown to Christmas

So, what’s in store for you this year? We’ve already started the countdown to Christmas at Best of Show HQ with our Biscuit Banquet Wreath and Deck the Paws Felt Advent Tree, and they’re going down extremely well with our tasting team.

Egg nog toddy anyone?

For the pet lovers in your life, we have a range of sturdy yet stylish crockery, which makes the ideal gift for all dog lovers and cat lovers. Put a smile on their faces with The Dog Father mug and make them feel loved with The Cat Loves Me Best (Also available in a canine version for the dog lover in your life, to save arguments). We’ve made sure this range is super sturdy as we've seen what happens when excited dog tails meet delicate china cups on coffee tables or excited cats skip across kitchen surfaces.

And we all know there’s lots of food lying around at Christmas, which means it’s even more likely that things will get messy or break. With the Showhome Chic range, you might lose the occasional cup of tea or seasonal eggnog toddy, but your favourite mug should – fingers crossed – remain intact.

Time to put the tree up

Christmas trees and cats. If ever there was a recipe for a hilarious You’ve Been Framed clip, this is it. Rob, our Account Manager’s cats Smokey & Bandit both attack his Christmas tree every year by jumping at it from other pieces of furniture and pulling it to shreds. “Christmas with my cats?” he says, “I tend to walk into the house and see them dangling from a branch!”     

Experience tells us that dogs are rather fond of all the goodies that are around the house at Christmas - including turkey, ham – and tree chocolates. But, as delicious as tree ornaments and sweet treats are, chocolate that’s made for human beings isn’t great for dog’s tummies. We’ve heard several stories of expensive Boxing Day trips to the vet over the years. So we’ve developed a range of carob dog treats that your pets can indulge in to their hearts' - and tummies’ - content.

Chocolate with a dog friendly twist

Explore our Surprising and Delightful range and discover Carob dipped rawhide straw treats, which look as great at they taste with a beautiful red ribbon tie, or the super-cute White carob pup pop. Dogs of all sizes will love our rawhide and carob bones, available in small, medium and large sizes. And there’s no need to worry about upset tummies, Carob contains no theobromine so is perfectly safe for dogs.

Clean as a whistle

And to be extra sensible? Make sure your dog’s teeth are nice and clean after they’ve enjoyed their sweet treat with a Tuber Chew. Available in small, medium and large, these hand-harvested untreated tree roots are 100% natural – and for added goodness, we get them from a secret eco-sustainable source. A limited release each year ensures that supplies of the roots are well managed and maintained.

Tuber Chews are durable and safe and will not splinter, no matter how hard your dog tries to chew them. And when they do chew, your dog will release the vitamins and minerals that are naturally present in the roots. Tuber Chews act like a fun, natural toothbrush, caring for your dog while they play and keeping a New Year trip to the dentist at bay.

Festive hampers for all

And for the cat in your life? We think they’ll love these hampers. And not just because they’re filled with delicious cat treats. We’re delighted to report that earlier in the year, news of our hampers for pets was picked up by one of the leading trend agencies in the country. They’re the people who research ‘what’s hot and what’s not,’ years in advance of the High Street. And they’ve featured us in one of their trend reports this year, so not only will one of our hampers for dogs or cats mean you’ll be well prepared for the holidays - you’ll also be on the cutting edge of fashion too.  We think your cat will approve.

And, just like dogs, cats get hungry at Christmas.

In an effort to keep your turkey safe from prying claws, we’ve chosen a fantastic range of gifts for this year’s cat hamper that are both healthy and delicious. And we’ve packaged them up in a fish-shaped wicker basket, so you can keep things like your cat grooming brushes and combs or cat biscuits in one place all year round. Discover moreish crunchy chicken nibbles, meaty treats, an eco-friendly pet bowl and tiny bird cat toy, and a stylish and sturdy mug for you. In fact, our hampers are a public service - Best in Show - helping to keep your turkey intact since 2014!

In our dog hamper this year we’ve got a brilliant selection of dog treats. And everything is made with human grade ingredients so if you’re tempted to join in, feel free. Presented in a luxury bone-shaped wicker basket, the dog hamper gift set contains everything you need for a cosy night in around the tree, including dog-friendly seaweed-flavoured popcorn.

Cheers to your pets!

You can even enjoy a glass of beer together with a bottle of DEFRA approved non-alcoholic Woof Dog Beer. Brewed from GMO-free malted barley, the beer’s bone broth from animals raised on year-round pasture. And for a sweet treat, your dog can enjoy a slice of our delicious wheat-free peanut butter flavoured dog cupcake. Our hamper collections this year are perfect for your pet - or for the cat and dog lover in your life. Browse the full range here.

We hope you all have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas and enjoy the holidays with your pets. As Sam here at the office says of her dog “There’s nothing better than the sight of my Labrador in front of the fire on Christmas Eve. Waiting for the next day, full of confusion as to which presents are for me and which are for the dogs…only to find that the dog just opens them all for me anyway!”

Happy Christmas from everyone here at Best in Show!