01st October 2018

Ultimutt Gift Guide 2018

Discover our ultimate guide to Christmas dog gifts. It’s the most fabulous time of the year and here at Best in Show, we know that Christmas is all about treating those closest to you – which includes those all-important furry family members (and we’re not talking about that one Uncle who decided to grow a beard this year!)

So, whether it’s Christmas gifts for your dog, cat, or the passionate pet owner in your life – this is our Ultimutt Gift Guide for the festive season.

Dog Treats for Christmas

Popcorn for Dogs

We know Christmas is all about over-indulging, but instead of sneaking them one too many table scraps, our Surprising & Delightful range will allow you to treat your dogs while keeping them healthy!

Pick from 100% natural air-popped Popcorn or crunchy Crisps for Dogs to keep them in the festive spirit & even better condition!

Just like us, the smell of fresh popcorn will get their noses twitching and your pooch will be begging for a bite. So, we have created a safe, natural substitution that your dog will love you for! Our Popcorn for Dogs is low calorie, with no salt and no preservatives. Affectionately air-popped and left delightfully flavour free – all that’s left to do is light the candles and curl up on the sofa together to watch Elf.  

Popcorn for Dogs


Crisps for Dogs

Cooked in natural sunflower oil in the U.K. with human grade potatoes, your dog can finally enjoy their own crisps, with all of the crunch and none of the salt or unhealthy flavourings. 100% natural and wholesome, your pup will love to wash these down with some Woof Dog Beer this Christmas.

Crisps for Dogs


Biscuit Bites

Our Duck & Parsley Biscuit Bites have been blended in the U.K. with only the best human grade, natural ingredients, including parsley, carrot, elderberry and blackberry. Parsley has been carefully chosen for its breath-freshening benefits – purr-fect for that post-turkey breath. The Beta-carotene in carrots contains clever anti-oxidants that will improve not only the look, but the colour and pigmentation of your dog’s coat – guaranteeing that your dog will be the fairest of them all this festive period.

Your dog is sure to sniff out our Peanut Butter & Jelly flavour Biscuit Bites! Baked for extra crunch, these tasty treats are teeming with natural goodness to help aid your dog’s digestion – which may come in handy for a bit of Boxing Day bloat! Human grade ingredients have been handpicked by a nutritionist for their digestive health qualities. 

The very clever chicory consists of prebiotics that promote the good bacteria in your dog’s stomach and Yucca is a healthy root for a healthy gut. Perfect for some New Year detoxing!

Our very pooch popular Mature Cheddar flavour have a lot going on beneath their tasty, cheesy surface. These bone shaped treats are bursting with health benefits and all ingredients have been harvested right here in Britain. For old dogs and young puppies alike, glucosamine and chondroitin have been chosen to improve the health of their joint cartilage. 

Rosehip has been picked as it contains polyphenols and anthocyanins, known to ease joint inflammation. So, they can carry on playing with their new Christmas toys to their heart’s (and joints’) content! And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added nettle, which works as a blood purifier to help reduce inflammation and is known to relieve pain associated with arthritis. That’s some very active ingredients for your very active dogs. 

Cheese Flavour Biscuit Bites for Dogs


Dog Toys for Christmas

After their Christmas meal, our Grin and Tear It range of dog toys will come to the rescue of any trapped turkey! (But be sure to only feed small amounts of boneless, skinless white meat to your pooch.) Your doggy dentist’s best friend, our rope toys actually polish and floss your dog’s teeth as they fray during playtime.

Pick from our classic range of ball, bone and heart-shaped rope toys; Fabulously Festive collection, or brighten up their doggy stockings with our colourful Under the Sea and Fresh ranges.

To avoid them getting their teeth on anything they shouldn’t this Christmas, keep your curious canine occupied with our long-lasting chew toys.

Did you know that naturally-shed deer antlers from Scottish Highland and European deer make superb nutrient-filled chew toys for dogs? Antlers are packed with vitamin D because of all the extra hours of sunshine they absorb, which are passed onto your dog as they chew. 

Available in two sizes, Best in Show wild deer antler chews are long-lasting, low in fat and can help to keep your dog’s teeth clean. And unlike all the dangers associated with your pups chewing on wood – because our antlers are 100% natural - you can rest assured that they won’t splinter or chip.

As for our Tuber Chews, these 100% natural, untreated tree roots have been harvested by hand from a secret eco-sustainable source. Tuber Chews are durable and safe and will not splinter, no matter how hard your dog tries! And when they do chew, your dog will release the naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals within the roots. Tuber Chews act like a fun, natural toothbrush, caring for your dog while they play.

Penguin Rope Toy for Dogs


Dog Christmas Gifts

Our Showhome Chic stoneware bowls are the perfect accompaniment for those Christmas treats and scrummy snacks from Santa. The range lets you celebrate your love for your pets throughout the home – just in case anyone didn’t already know that they’re number 1!

From stylish ceramic bowls that will look lovely in any corner of your house, to smart stoneware treat jars just waiting to be filled. Our Showhome Chic mugs make the ideal gift for anyone you know who prefers the company of pets over humans. Everyone, right?! And if you can’t decide which products to choose, we have Christmas hampers full of delights for dog and cat owners alike.

The brand new wicker dog bed collection comes in sets of two and three and will look simply lovely filled with your pet’s favourite toy and cosiest blanket.

Who’s a gorgeous dog?! Yours will be in our Spectacularly Stylish range of bow ties. Pick from red, blue, pink or our very Christmassy number to add a touch of class to your pooch’s festive outfit.

Our natural Biscuit Banquet Wreath holds original and carob-flavoured bone biscuits, blissfully baked for full flavour. And because there are 26 biscuits in all, your pet’s fun can continue, as you start to prepare the annual turkey curry.

Searching for the purr-fect stocking to tuck your dog or cat’s treats in this Christmas Eve? Whether they’ve been naughty or nice this year (and we bet they’ve been a wonderful blend of both!), our felt and paw-shaped stockings are ready to be filled with treats and toys for your pet to open on Christmas morning.

Carob Wreath for Dogs


Christmas Pet Hampers

From gift boxes to treat totes and hampers, we’ve got the ultimate way to say “I love you” to your pet this Christmas. We’re certain that the 365 days of unconditional love they’ve given you this year deserves to be rewarded, so we’ve hand-picked our most popular pet gifts to treat that furry special someone.

And if you simply can’t decide what will tickle their taste-buds the most, try our brand new Taster Treats Collection which includes all three tail-wagging flavours of Biscuit Bites, plus our Popcorn and Crisps for Dogs.

Luxury Dog Hamper