19th May 2017

Keeping you and your pet healthy with Walk in the Woods Month

It’s now May and time to tell you all about Walk in the Woods Month. For us Brits, the first glimpse of a sunny afternoon and we’re googling the nearest dog-friendly beer garden! It doesn’t take much to lift our spirits. Some much-needed sunshine, the waft of a neighbour's BBQ, a walk on the beach. And the occasional pair of socks in sandals. The Great British Summer! There’s no doubt that as the days grow lighter and warmer, you're itching to get outside as much as your pet. Let's face it, those early morning/late night walks in the dark and rain aren't the most enticing or mood enhancing...

So what better incentive than Walk in the Woods month? The Tree Council wants to encourage people to go down to the woods today. Well, throughout May. And make the most of the woodland, parks or even pretty, tree-lined streets in your area. It's not going to take much convincing to get your pet on-board. What’s more, we have two bank holiday weekends this month to really make the most of it.

How your pet can improve your mental health

You only need to look at that wagging tail to know a walk can make a dog very happy. The sights and smells of the forest will be a feast for their senses. But exploring your local patch with your pet is going to benefit you just as much. Evidence from Dogs Trust shows that dogs significantly reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation in their owners. A survey revealed that 95% of people were made happier by interacting with their dog. And who can blame them? Chances are your pet is a better listener than your closest friend. And ten times cuter!

Also this month, Mental Health Awareness Week has highlighted the different ways we can improve our psychological wellbeing. Regular exercise is recommended for boosting self-esteem, improving concentration levels and helping you sleep better. It’s vitally important for your pet’s health, too. But exercise doesn't have to involve a gym membership. Are you as relieved as we are?! There is plenty of evidence to suggest that heading outdoors enhances your mood. Sounds like the perfect time to take advantage of our natural environment with our pets. And avoid the treadmill. Bonus.

Our hand-harvested, tree root Tuber Chews release 100% natural vitamins and minerals, creating the ultimate healthy dog treats. While providing hours of splinter-free chew-time during those long woodland walks.

Forest therapy, anyone?

After the long, cold winter months, our stress levels may be a little higher than usual. Or, to put it frankly, we could be scaling the walls. But there are some very simple solutions. Just talking to and petting your dog can reduce physiological indicators of stress, such as heart rate. And guess what else is proven to reduce blood pressure? You’ve guessed it, a forest environment. Believe it or not, there is now such a thing as Forest Therapy. Supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural surroundings. Who knew? Sounds like a Walk in the Woods with your pet is a match made in heaven.

From a little cactus, to a bunch of flowers; natural plants in your home are renowned for having a positive impact on stress and anxiety levels. So just imagine what a foliage-filled forest can do. Unlimited green goodness! With none of the celery.

Walk in the Woods month is the perfect time to pack up a picnic of your pooch's favourite Healthy & Wholesome treats. All of the treat, with none of the trickery.

A dog-walker’s paradise

There are loads of great causes and local events that you can get involved with this May. The Great British Dog Walk at Foxbury is just one of many worth mentioning. An organised, outdoors event is a great opportunity for you and your dog to meet new people in a tranquil setting. Pet owners are often known for their friendliness and are more likely to meet others in their neighbourhood. So, let your pooch lead the way to new friends! (The furrier the better.)

The deep calm of the woodland is a dog-walker's paradise. It will help to release the extra energy your pet may be harbouring. Resulting in less naughty behaviour and a happy, sleepy pup by bedtime. Your dog will be welcome in most woods. Just ensure that you keep them within sight, and on a lead if venturing into ecologically sensitive areas. And as for some "you-time"? The natural countryside ambience will relax and refocus your mind, easing the strain that may still be lingering from those January blues.

Our brand new stoneware bowls are spectacularly stylish. And the finishing touch to your dog's day in the woods. Fill with fresh water or some Woof Dog Beer if they've been extra well behaved!

Healthy treats for a healthy pet

Re-connecting with nature makes us more relaxed, more energised and more focused on life's little pleasures - which is what it's all about, after all. What's more, research says that nature can make us more likely to appreciate those closest to us, who we may have neglected or taken for granted. This could include your pup, who is your best friend regardless of your mood. Don't hesitate to reward your dog's un-faltering loyalty, especially when treats are as nutritious as ours.

An overweight pet is not a healthy one, so our 100% natural dog treats are designed to combine new flavour combinations with clever health benefits. Our toys and treats are as nutritious and wholesome as possible. Quite literally, good enough to eat. 

Our increasingly hectic, urban lives are removing us from the natural world and preventing us from getting the "time-out" we so deserve. There is a forest of research that promotes the woodland as the ultimate health fix. Giving unadulterated access to stress-busting, endorphin-releasing, all-natural therapy. Beat that! Allow Walk in the Woods month to reinvigorate you both this May. It’s a delightful idea that time spent soaking up the forest is good for you and your pet’s health. We're more than willing to give it a go.