05th December 2016

Make your pet the Best in Show this Christmas

Every Christmas, the sales of adorable dogs and cats skyrocket and many families gain a furry new addition. Unfortunately, Best in Show knows some owners just aren’t quite prepared for the commitment a wonderful new pet needs. Those precious little faces can often draw people in, but when they begin chewing Dad’s favourite slippers, things can sometimes change!
We recommend everyone thinks long and hard before making the decision to adopt a dog or cat this Christmas. But, if you’ve done the research and are fully prepared for accidents on your brand new rug, great! All pets deserve a long term, loving home and in return, we promise, they’ll be your best friend!
We’ve put together some handy tips for the families who are new to having a furry friend this winter...
Wrap up warm!
Pets need that little bit of extra care in the colder months, just like us. Symptoms of coldness in pets are actually similar to humans! Animals may shiver or be reluctant to go out of the house.
You can buy coats for dogs of all sizes, just for that extra bit of puppy protection! A good scrub with the towel or blast with the hairdryer after an adventure would go down a treat too, especially those paws!  The pads on their paws may become sore or cracked if they’re left wet.
Safety first.
Your cat is likely to refuse to leave the family home when the weather turns grim. Oblige! In fact, we’d encourage it. As the dark nights draw in, the likelihood of a road traffic incident increases.
Check your pet’s collars too. Both cats and dogs can lose their sense of home when the snow falls, so just in case they get lost this winter, ensure their tag information and microchip registration is up to date. 
Don't overindulge... 
With winter, comes Christmas and our festive traditions can often seem strange to your pet. Lots of new faces, plenty of loud noises and one random tree in the middle of the living room. It can be a stressful and unsettling time for cats and dogs, but there are ways you can get involved your pets in the celebrations. Make them feel at home. 
All the scrumptious food that we humans over indulge on every year can look pawlicking to your pets too, but it wouldn’t be too kind on their tummies. Keep the leftovers out of your way of pets, especially when you’re taking your obligatory after dinner snooze. Raisins, nuts, mince pies and of course, chocolate can all be harmful to pets. Most importantly, you should never feed turkey bones to your dog as any sharp point can scrape and cut your dog's gastrointestinal tract from the esophagus down to the rectum, causing damage on its way in or out. 
So hide tasty treats well, or eat them all! We’ll leave that bit up to you. 
Watch that tree! 
Pets also love Christmas trees. They’re a sparkly, flashing, dangling paradise and they simply can’t resist. Whilst the pawing of shiny baubles and climbing cats are inevitable, there are a few things you can do to prevent any injuries as they explore. Its always a good idea to make sure any wires and battery packs are out of reach or tucked away safely. You could always distract them with those marvellous chew toys we mentioned earlier, something a little more lasting.
If you’re adopting a new pet, welcome them into your family with Best in Show's Fabulously Festive range of natural dog treats and pet gifts. Our Wicker Dog Hamper contains everything you'll need for a cosy Christmas night in, you can even share a festive tipple with your new buddy! (Don't worry, it's completely alcohol free...but yours doesn't have to be!)
For curious new puppies, we’ve got the perfect gift. Best in Show's Grin and Tear It range will keep from them from nibbling away at just anything around the house. The rope toys come in a variety of designs and are the perfect pacifier for teething dogs. Not only does it floss teeth during play, but soaking the dog toys, popping it in a bag and freezing overnight creates a soothing chew for those sensitive gums. 
Or welcome yourself into the Pet Lovers' Club with a chic and stylish Top Dog Mug to enjoy your Christmas cuppa. You could even treat yourself to a mug of mulled wine, 'tis the season after all.