Coming Soon to Best in Show

Coming Soon to Best in Show

We’ve got some exciting new additions coming to our Best in Show collection this summer, so we thought we’d give you all a sneak peek! From dog-friendly beer to brand new luxury dog treats and quirky homeware for the pet lovers, we’re sure you and your furry’s ears will prick up with the goodies we’ve got in store…

Dog-Friendly Woof Beer and Brew Bites

We’re delighted to announce that Woof UK will be joining our Best in Show family, with Woof Beer and Brew Bites becoming part of our range. That’s right, you’ll soon be able to share a brewsky with your best friend! And just in time for the summertime, dog-friendly beer gardens. 

Rather than waste the 2/3rds normally thrown out, our Woof Beer is made with recycled brewers wort from UK craft breweries. It's like that famous saying: one man's wasted wort is another dog's bowl of beer! Woof Beer is completely alcohol-free and non-carbonated so, rather than putting your pup into a burping, stumbling frenzy and encouraging them to make poor life decisions – Woof Beer’s delicious and unique flavour will (responsibly) raise their spirits and get tails wagging. All of its ingredients are 100% natural and unlike human beer, Woof Beer is actually good for dogs! So, dog parents needn’t feel guilty about giving this beer to their little pals.

And beer wouldn’t be complete without a bar snack, right? But we’re not talking pork scratchings and bacon fries. Woof UK’s Brew Bites pair perfectly with Woof Beer! Like the beer, the bites are also made from re-used spent grains, which is what gives them their yummy crunch. Hand baked using natural human-grade ingredients, these tasty treats are full of premium, doggy goodness and will be available in four, drool-worthy flavours. And if that wasn't enough, our Brew Bites are also lovingly wrapped in 100% natural cellulose, bio-degradable packaging. 

Your pooch will light up at these beer treats just like you do after a sip of a good pint! Check out their website for more info.

Brand New Gifts for Dog and Cat Lover

It’s not just the pups who’ll love our new summer additions, we’ve also added a little something for their humans. We’ll be adding four new mugs to our homeware collection! After such a successful sell-out, the beloved ‘The Dogfather’ and ‘The Dog Loves Me Best’ slogans will be making a return, but they’ll be coming back with a refreshed design for 2019.

We’ve added two brand new mugs too – there’s the adorable ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ mug (we all know one) and the brilliant ‘Rescue is my Favourite Breed’ mug. Hmm, we can’t decide which one we love most! And what's more, while you lovely pet lovers make yourself a brew in your shiny new mug, your pooch can tuck into their brew bites while you reach for the Hobnobs. 

All of these brand new goodies will be up for grabs in summertime 2019, so watch this space. In the meantime, if you’re still eager to get your hands (and paws) on some quirky dog snacks and cute pet homeware, we’ve still got loads of pet-tastic treats and accessories available on our site now.

Discover Luxury Dog Treats

While you wait for summer to crack open a beer with your pup, why not whip out the popcorn for a cosy movie night right now? Our Popcorn for Dogs is not only tail-waggingly tasty, it’s low-calorie, preservative free and incredibly healthy. Or if crisps are more their thing (do those big droopy eyes stare at you every time you open a packet?), then try our Crisps for Dogs. Cooked in natural sunflower oil with human grade potatoes, these crunchy treats are both healthy and delicious.

And while you wait for our Woof Beer, spice up their watering hole with one of our stylish Showhome Chic stoneware bowls instead. Sure, the water won’t taste as amazing as our beer, but at least it’ll look good! Not only do stoneware bowls look way cooler than plastic or stainless steel, they’re also easier to clean, harder to flip (which is good if you’ve got an excitable pup) and won’t slide across the floor while they’re being used. And just imagine your furry one’s delight when they eventually discover some beer in their bowl when the summertime comes?! We’ll cheers to that!

At Best in Show, we think dogs should be treated with the love and care they deserve. That’s why we’re always coming up with wonderful ways to spoil them! Our luxury treats and toys are designed to make their furry lives as happy as possible. And we suppose our trendy accessories keep those humans happy too…

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