The Science Behind Puppy Love

The Science Behind Puppy Love

Only a dog owner will know the unconditional love that they and their pooch feel for one another. As soon as we hear their paws scurry to do the door to meet us after a long day's work, or when we feel their wet noses nuzzle into our face when we're feeling down - no one cheers us up like our dogs. When their big wide eyes look up at us, we can almost hear their thoughts and tend to imagine the day that they’ll eventually speak back to us. Until then, we can only wonder.

But is the feeling mutual? Do dogs love humans as much as we adore them? We’d assume so, given the excitement with which they invade our laps for a cuddle, but science can indeed confirm that the bond we feel is real! 

As strange (and unromantic) as it sounds, dogs process the world through their noses. And their human owner’s smells are very unique to them. It has been proven that our pooches have the ability to distinguish and prioritise our scent from all of the other fascinating smells around them.

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It turns out that their human’s familiar smell makes dogs light up with joy inside. Research also shows that pups and their parents process emotional vocal sounds in similar ways. “Happy sounds” are detectable in both species, meaning that our dogs can pick up on our subtle mood changes. So, when they nestle in for a snuggle when you’re feeling a bit sad – it really is because they can sense you’re in need of some puppy love. 

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What’s more, a long loving gaze between you and your dog has been shown to increase pooch’s oxytocin levels. That’s the happy hormone! However, this reaction doesn’t occur between dogs and strangers, but only during the mutual gaze of a pup and its caring owner. Meaning that the hound-human bond is real and just as strong for your dog as it is for you. In fact, the physiological effects are similar to those observed between a mother and their child.

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As we’ve mentioned before, the love we feel for our beloved dogs has not only psychological but physical benefits on humans. From the release of “feel good” hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, to reduced stress and cholesterol levels. Dog owners are also less likely to suffer from depression and elderly owners even visit the doctors less! 

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Now that puppy love has been proven, show us how much you and your dog love each other! Share a picture of you and your pooch to the social media channel of your choice and tag us in the picture @BestinShowuk

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