Meet The Best In Show Team

At Best In Show, we are a small team of Pet owners. Passionate about bringing treats, gifts and most importantly smiles to you and your animals.
We’d like you to meet the furry family members of Best In Show that keep our team company on a daily basis.
Whether it involves making a trip into the office, getting some valuable camera time on Zoom or taking pride of place in front of a keyboard all of these devious cats and dogs have their own personalities.
There are cats and dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and beyond with pictures to match so you can see exactly who is behind everything Best In Show.

Finn, a small Dachshund Dog

Finlay a small Dachshund

Firstly, is four-year-old Finn. Full of personality his owner, Caroline, will be the first to admit her little Dachshund has a strong case of “Little Man Syndrome”. Similar to Simba finding his roar on the Lion King if you need a comparison to go by, if you haven't seen him enter a room, you'll soon hear him.

Ironically this cute little sausage dog is always on the hunt for bangers, no chef is safe if they're rustling up a sausage based recipe in the kitchen. That doesn't mean he isn't partial to a share of biscuits or dog treats when Caroline is feeling generous...

Caroline with her sausage dog - dachshund, Finn

Wrapping himself in a dog blanket whether it’s for a good night’s sleep or a well-earned nap.

Eating mountains of dog biscuits & dog treats outside of meal time.

Getting his next door neighbour, Amber the Cockapoo's, attention with his best behaviour.

Any and all eyes on Finn.

Finn, a sausage dog Dachshund sat in a car seat on a journey

Being woken up against his will.

The postman & knocks at the door.

Not being the centre of attention...

Using his booming bark to intimidate the local squirrels.

Sitting up like a Meerkat.

Finn has often taken the opportunity to take a dog nap day or night since he was a small puppy. But as we've already hinted at, the number 1 wake up call is the smell of sausages. By that point it is a battle of Finn's puppy dog eyes and his Nana's will power...

We'll let you guess who prevails more often than not in that scenario. 

Jeff, a Feral Tabby Cat

Loveable Jeff is fittingly named after the little devil from the series, Yonderland.

Jeff, the cat sat at Meliss's Desk

Found living feral on a local farm, Consett Cat Rescue not only rescued Jeff, but his Mum and siblings too. It is thanks to Consett Cat Rescue,, and their team of fantastic Vets that Jeff is now living a happy, healthy life as a little kitten.

After adjusting to his new surroundings, he’s found a new place to call home with Melissa. Our performance marketer at Best In Show, who is just as at home with weird and wonderful animals as she is with bumper databases.

Food – if it’s edible it has Jeff’s name on it.

Stealing from unfortunate cats and even lesser fortunate humans.

Chewing on anything that can’t be eaten. He does not stop.

Being carried around the house like a new born baby.

His food bowl being empty.

Nobody in the house for him to greed from.

Having another chew toy confiscated.

Devising master plans on how to capture any of the animals that make up Melissa's home-based zoo. Picture the devilish intelligence of the Penguins of Madagascar combined with the agility of Tarzan as Jeff looks to catch any of the copious reptiles, fish, amphibians and bats. 

Rosie, a Jack Russell Pug Cross Breed (Jug)

"My name is Rosie, a 4-year-old cute ginger Jug from Newcastle. Some would call me a spoilt princess but my humans would prefer the term ‘pampered pooch’."

A young Rosie, the dog, Jack Russell Pug cross

"I love to bark at anything and everything and if you come close enough I will lick your face. If you laugh and play around, I will try to join in and if you say ‘walkies’ I will hear you from a million miles away; but when it comes to being lazy and indulging in afternoon naps, count me in!" 

Having a full house has been the absolute dream for this dog over the last 18 months, posing for dog photo's and getting attention on tap from all directions.

Living with Harry, Best In Show's graphic designer, this Jack Russell Pug cross certainly knows how to get in the way of any tablet, mouse or keyboard... 

Rosie, a Jack Russell Pug cross Jug, sat at her desk with a laptopLikes: 

"Licking my humans face, road trips in the car, meeting up with my four-legged paw-pals and taking up ALL of the room in my humans bed!" 

"Eating lettuce and getting my princess paws wet, but most of all, I dislike when my humans leave the house without me!"

Rosie with her owner, Best In Show's Graphic Designer Harry

"I love nothing more than hearing the word walkies - especially when it involves getting sandy paws at the beach. I'm always on my best behaviour, stealing my nanna’s slippers, making a mess, destroying my toys, burying my treats and digging holes! Oh, and barking to say hello to anyone and everyone that passes by is an essential part of my daily routine!"

Pebble, a Short-Haired Tabby

Pebble is named after Pebble Beach on Big Sur in California, inspired by her eye-catching gold and grey colouring. Initially a timid cute creature, it took her a number of weeks to work out how to miaow (and now doesn’t stop).

During lockdown and the inevitable working from home, Pebble discovered a new found love for video calls. Waking from the deepest of sleeps just to make her presence known, showing her feline face on camera.

She’s known infamously for being so persistent within the team: no matter how many times she gets taken off Andy’s lap during a call, she will always jump straight back up. A combination of cat toys and elastic bands still aren't enough to distract her from joining a team meeting.

Andy, our Chief Digital Officer with his Short Haired Tabby Cat, Pebble

Video Calls.

Sleeping in the baby’s cot.

Sleeping under a duvet.

Playing with Pipe Cleaners.

The cold, winter and radiators not being turned on.

Foley, a Black & White Moggy

Melissa with her Cat, Moggy, a feral black and white cat

Experiencing very little love, care and attention this has meant it has taken extra care by Melissa to make sure he feels safe in her current home. Offering plenty of TLC has meant Foley now knows what a loving home feels like.

The right mix of food, love and attention while giving Foley his space when he needs it has meant he has settled in no time at all. Knowing Melissa's extensive pet collection, from Bat's to Bullfrog's we know he's in the safest of hands.

Taking pride of place on his special chair in the Conservatory.

Shoulder & tummy rubs, any attention that makes him feel loved!

Sitting on your lap & looking cute.

Meeting new people.

Fireworks, bangs and rapid movements.

The dreaded trip to the Vets.

Trying his best to catch every breed of bird through the Conservatory window.

Chasing the red dot on the Television Remote.

Having a well-earned snooze in the sun.

Colin, a Lurcher Greyhound

Colin, an 8 year old lurcher Greyhound sat down

Colin definitely sees sleep as the best therapy to his minimal stresses in life. Sharing Matthew’s garden with a variety of birds and squirrels he tries his best to chase them away before taking a well earned rest. Although that doesn’t mean he can’t get along with bigger Farm animals like horses, pigs and cows…

Rehoming Colin with the help of Happier Days For Strays, Matthew and his family initially adopted the old canine. However being unable to imagine life without the Lurcher Greyhound they are now Colin’s owners even if the old man doesn’t notice a difference.

Matthew, our content marketer has found a new fan for his local cricket matches in Colin. As the Lurcher Greyhound can regularly be found doing a lap of the local Cricket club on weeknights and Saturday afternoons. 

Colin the dog, a Lurcher Greyhound

Any human food he shouldn’t be eating… but mainly chips and crisps.

Trying to steal baked biscuits.

Snoozing in the living room.

Taking long Dog walks around various local Cricket clubs.


Colin, the lurcher greyhound with Matthew

Being woken up from a deep sleep.

Cold weather and rain, no matter how light or heavy.

Opening any closed door so he can be as nosey as possible or say hello to everyone.

Having his back scratched, he will make it not secret when he wants an ear rub or more attention.

Lilly, a long-haired Tabby cat

Not being a big fan of children, Lilly decided the grass was greener on the other side of the neighbour’s fence. Making the short switch from one family to their next-door neighbour, this posh feline certainly likes to think she rules the roost.

Lilly, a tabby cat sat playing inside a cardboard box

The diva of Melissa's bustling household.



Pampering… the diva lifestyle.

Having her fluffy “trousers” brushed.

Being worshipped.