The range of all natural dog treats from Best In Show including biscuit bites and sausage snacks.

New & Natural Dog Treats You Don't Want To Miss

Picture a dog treat that not only delights your dog's palate but also enhances your quality of life. That's the magic behind Best In Show and our newest collection of biscuit bites & sausage slices in their brand-new packaging.

We've given our popular range of biscuit bite dog treats a facelift with brand new packaging. Adding a pop of colour & splash of convenience to your travels when you take a new packet of your dog's favourite treat to your next dog walk or adventure.

We also have a brand-new range of sausage dog treats to tell you about! With a variety of options, we'll take you through which sausage treat might be perfect for you depending on your canine's needs & tastes.

Allow us to highlight each scrumptious flavour, alongside how they offer a harmonious blend of taste and health benefits for your furry companion. 

Which dog treat would be perfect for them? Scroll down & choose...

The All Natural Biscuit Bite Range

Does Your Dog Love Cheese? Mature Cheddar Is A Must

The Mature Cheddar - Biscuit Bites 

Mature Cheddar Biscuit Bites, dog treats from Best In Show

Are you a dog owner whose canine companion says "yes please" to cheese? The mature cheddar biscuit bites from Best In Show are the perfect training aid. The recognisable taste with all of the natural ingredients & benefits, this oven-baked dog treat has a satisfying crunch your canine will come to know and love.

Do They Take Pride In Their Coat? Discover Duck & Parsley

The Duck & Parsley Biscuit Bites

Duck & Parsley Biscuit Bites from Best In Show, dog treats created to benefit their shiny coat.

 In our brand-new green packaging, our Duck & Parsley flavoured Biscuit Bites were created with your dog's shiny coat in mind. Containing fresh blueberries & carrot, we've put together a host of natural ingredients to help add a more appealing, healthy shine to your dog's coat of fur. Add this dog treat to your basket to benefit your dog's coat ahead of this upcoming winter.

Aid Their Digestion With Peanut Butter & Jelly

The Peanut Butter & Jelly - Biscuit Bites

Peanut Butter & Jelly Biscuit Bites by Best In Show, a dog treat perfect for helping your canine's digestion.
The timeless flavour combination of peanut butter & jelly has reached dog treats! We've added a host of healthy ingredients to aid your canine's gut health & digestion. With a focus on flavour from Best In Show in creating these Biscuit Bites, this is a guilt-free dog treat that continues to be popular with owners looking to teach their dog new tricks.

Why Add Biscuit Bites To Your Shopping List?

Oven-baked right here in Great Britain, the recognisable Best In Show Biscuit Bites have proven popular over a number of years. With new & improved packaging, this fantastic dog treat is even easier to take with you on your dog walks. 

Biscuit Bite Range by Best In Show, a range of dog treats available in 3 different flavours. This 100% natural dog treat is available in mature cheddar, duck & parsley and peanut butter & jelly.

Are you conscious of what you feed your dog? So many owners are, that's why our Biscuit Bites are 100% natural so you can have peace of mind when treating your dog to a satisfyingly crunchy treat. Our biscuit bites have been oven-baked to give your dog that exact crunch they'll come to know & love. 

If you're as conscious of the treats you feed your dog as the team at Best In Show are you'll be happy to know that zero artificial flavours, colours or preservatives can be found in our full range of biscuit bites. This also includes zero added sugar! 

The Brand New Sausage Treats Range

A Dog Treat Made From 100% British Beef

The Beef & Herb - Sausage Chunks

Beef Sausage Chunks, a new dog treat from Best In Show perfect for training your canine new tricks or rewarding good behaviour.

Our sausage chunks made from British beef are packed full of protein. Handmade in the UK this is the treat option for a canine that can't help but greed from their owners when it's meal time, or if you're looking to treat them on your daily dog walk. 

The Guilt-Free Dog Treat, Fish & Herb Sausage Slices 

The Fish & Herb - Sausage Slices

Low Fat Dog Treats in Fish & Herb Best In Show. Perfect for those conscious of their dog's weight but still looking to treat their dog.

Our must-have low-fat treat. If you're conscious of the potential fat content when it comes to your canine's diet, this is the treat for your kitchen cupboard. In our new blue packaging, our grain free fish treat for dogs has already proven popular with customers & businesses alike. 

Grain-Free Great British Chicken Dog Treat

The Chicken & Herb - Sausage Slices

Sausage Slices, a new range of dog treats by Best In Show in this variation, Chicken & Herb

Does your dog love the smell of a Sunday roast? This is the dog training treat for them. Sustainably sourced, this irresistible chicken snack for dogs in eye-catching orange packaging is a great choice for the dog owners who know their dog loves the taste of chicken. If your dog has a passion for the taste of poultry, try a packet of our Sausage Slices on your next dog walk.

Why Choose Our Sausage Slice Dog Treats?

This new air-dried dog treat combines protein with reward. Like our biscuit bites, they make incredible training tools whenever you're out on a daily dog walk, trying to teach your dog a new trick or you're looking to reward good behaviour.

Available in three varieties, you're in charge when it comes to your canine's diet. Of course, there is our low-fat variation, the fish & herb sausage slices. Created to give you an even better range of choice when it comes to your canine's diet.

In addition, our sausage dog treats are completely grain free. We're conscious that not all dogs enjoy the same quality of digestion when enjoying different food & treats. This has lead to us including no grain throughout our sausage treats so you can have peace of mind when it comes to feeding your dog our new range of treats. Why might I opt against grain in my dog's diet? Check out this handy blog from Purina on Grain Or No Grain? if you're unsure. 

Our sausage treats have been created right here in the UK, created to the highest of standards. While sourcing British foods to create our Beef & Chicken variants of the sausage treats, your new treats won't have had to travel far to reach your kitchen cupboards or treat jar at home. 

We've made sure to preserve all of the key nutrients & benefits by air drying our line of Sausage snack dog treats. Heating your treats or dog food artificially, too soon can affect dog food & treats alongside all of the beneficial ingredients that they may contain. This could reduce any potential benefits from particular ingredients. Fancy learning more? Read this handy blog from Only Natural Pet on why you may look towards Air Dried Only Dog Food.

Why Have We Changed Our Natural Dog Treat Packaging?

Make Packing For Your Dog Walk So Much Easier!

As a team of dog owners here at Best In Show, we understand how much convenience means to dog walkers. When you're looking to reward your dog for good behaviour, or even just tempt them back from a wander off of the lead, a dog treat can definitely be a dog walker's best friend. Our brand-new packaging is incredibly easy to transport, perfect for pockets & just as handy in handbags or backpacks, this resealable packet is the perfect partner.

Bring Colour To Your Walks!

While convenience has played a huge part, so has colour! We've added eye-catching colours to every variation of our sausage slices & biscuit bite dog treats, as much of a treat for the eyes as they are for your canine's tastebuds.

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