• Finn

    A Small Dachshund Dog

    Firstly, is four-year-old Finn. Full of personality his owner, Caroline, will be the first to admit her little Dachshund has a strong case of “Little Man Syndrome”. Similar to Simba finding his roar on the Lion King if you need a comparison to go by, if you haven't seen him enter a room, you'll soon hear him. Ironically this cute little sausage dog is always on the hunt for bangers, no chef is safe if they're rustling up a sausage based recipe in the kitchen. That doesn't mean he isn't partial to a share of biscuits or dog treats when Caroline is feeling generous...

    Likes:Wrapping himself in a dog blanket whether it’s for a good night’s sleep or a well-earned nap. Eating mountains of dog biscuits & dog treats outside of meal time. Getting his next door neighbour, Amber the Cockapoo's, attention with his best behaviour. Any and all eyes on Finn.

    Dislikes:Being woken up against his will. The postman & knocks at the door. Not being the centre of attention...

    Hobbies:Using his booming bark to intimidate the local squirrels.Sitting up like a Meerkat. Finn has often taken the opportunity to take a dog nap day or night since he was a small puppy. But as we've already hinted at, the number 1 wake up call is the smell of sausages. By that point it is a battle of Finn's puppy dog eyes and his Nana's will power...

    We'll let you guess who prevails more often than not in that scenario. 

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  • Dolly

    A Cockerpoo

    Jennifer, (Brand Manager for Best In Show), is proud pawrent of Dolly, a six-year-old toy cockerpoo.  At just over 7.6kg, Dolly is a dainty little dog.  Despite her small stature, she thoroughly enjoys taking long off-lead hikes and has tried her paws at canicross (a sport where dog and human run together as a team), running races with the big dogs!  In the summer months she is keen to get her life jacket on and go paddle boarding on lakes, rivers and even the north sea!  This little dog is ball mad and loves nothing more than using her nose to search for her favourite ball in long grass or jumping into water to retrieve it with a splash.  After a wash, blow-dry and copious detangling, she is happy to settle down on the sofa for a cuddle and a nap.  


    Likes: Balls! Chasing squirrels (fortunately, to no avail), after-dinner snacks, de-stuffing her favourite toys, tickles, hiding chews around the house for later.


    Dislikes: Loud noises, rain, small children (they are scary!)


    Hobbies: Outdoor adventures, and regular meet and greet group events with her cockerpoo friends.


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  • Rosie the Jug, a Jack Russell Pug Cross Breed Dog, posing for a dog photograph while at a desk sat in front of a work laptop at the table. She looks like she is a dog busy at work.


    A Jug (Jack Russell Pug Cross Breed)

    Rosie a Jug (Jack Russell Pug Cross Breed). Some might call her a spoilt princess, but her humans call her a 'pampered pooch.'

    She adores barking at anything and everything, and if you come close enough, she will happily give your face a good lick. If you engage in laughter and play, she eagerly attempts to join in the fun. And when the magic word 'walkies' is mentioned, her ears perk up from a million miles away. However, when it's time to be lazy and indulge in afternoon naps, she's always up for it.

    Over the past 18 months, living in a full house has been a dream come true for this dog, as she poses for dog photos and basks in attention from all directions. She shares her home with Harry, Best In Show's graphic designer, and this Jack Russell Pug cross certainly knows how to get in the way of any tablet, mouse, or keyboard.

    Likes: Include licking her humans' faces, road trips in the car, meeting up with her four-legged paw-pals, and occupying the entirety of her humans' bed.

    Dislikes: encompass eating lettuce and getting her princess paws wet, but above all, she detests when her humans leave the house without her.

    Hobbies: she revels in the prospect of going for a walk, especially if it leads to getting sandy paws at the beach. Her behavior is impeccable when she's busy stealing her nanna’s slippers, making a mess, destroying her toys, burying her treats, and digging holes. Additionally, barking to greet anyone and everyone who passes by is an essential part of her daily routine.

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  • Parker

    A Pomeranian x Poodle Cross Breed

    Parker has the smarts of a Poodle, and the floof of a Pomeranian! He’s an honorary American as his birthday is on the 4th of July and is actually a fan of fireworks and even cats (thanks to his brothers). He loves trundling through the forest walks but prefers the freedom of the beach chasing after his ball and occasionally going for a paddle in the sea. 


    Likes: Snuggles on the sofa, chomping on a Yak Milk Chew, His ‘baby’ (soft toy) that he has had since he was a little pup, pestering his feline brothers!


    Dislikes: His Daddy going to work.


    Hobbies: Outdoor adventures (preferably the beach) and playing with his human cousin Robyn.

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  • Dexter 

    A Bi-Color Cat

    With an even share of Black and White colouring, Dexter was the first cat to join the family. Markus first met him at a cat café in Newcastle in which he was up for adoption via a rehoming charity in the area. Jump forward over 7 years and Dexter is a bouncy, noisy and confident cat who loves sleeping in his Pineapple shaped cat bed. 


    Likes: Sitting in boxes, meowing for attention. DREAMIES!


    Dislikes: Being told to get out the kitchen.


    Hobbies: Sunbathing in the garden. Sleeping on the highest parts of furniture.

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  • Quigley

    A Tuxedo Cat

    Second to join the house was Quigley. Like Dexter, Quigley is also from the same rescue charity but came to Markus as a 12 week old Kitten. Unlike his brothers, Quigley prefers the indoors and will only venture outside if his Pawrents are nearby. He is a cuddle monster to the extreme and will quite often Meow to demand that his Pawrents go to bed for cuddles.




    Dislikes: Strangers


    Hobbies: Sleeping and getting cuddles

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  • Stanley

    A Ginger Cat

    Stanley has really come into himself since he came to live with Markus. He was supposed to be a foster, but this turned into full blown adoption very quickly. Stanley is the oldest and prefers to mainly be left to himself but he has taken a liking (more like a tolerance) to Parker. He has the loudest purr of them all and prefers to be outdoors. On the sunny days he will often be out from sun up to sun down. 


    Likes: Outdoor adventures (we always say “behave, be good, be safe” when he ventures out). Bringing home ‘gifts’. 


    Dislikes: Being kept in out sunny days. 


    Hobbies: Sitting on top of the fish tank.


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  • Lexie

    A Chihuahua

    Diane is the Head Buyer for Best In Show.  She has owned dogs all of her life and has offered her home to the neglected and needy for the last 13 years by fostering for the RSPCA. 


    On New Years Eve 2022 she welcomed her most recent foster dog, a 4-year-old standard Chihuahua called Lexie. Little did Diane know that this little girl would steal her heart and become her new permanent resident.


    There is still much to learn about this little girl, but she makes Diane smile every day.  Lexie was a nervous little soul who feared people, but she is now making friends everywhere she goes.


    Lexie loves nothing more than going on a good walk and exploring the great outdoors with her inquisitive nature and has also taken to going on a bike ride in her carry bag.


    She has also started dog agility which she loves, especially the tunnel where she can zoom through to the other end to get a treat.


    When they are at home, Lexie’s favourite place to sleep is on the back of the sofa or snuggled up by Diane’s side. When she is not sleeping, she loves to play with her mini tennis balls and have a game of zoomies!

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