Our Woof Dog Beer Is Now In Cans!

Our Woof Dog Beer Is Now In Cans!

We've swapped the packaging for our delicious dog beer from bottle to cans!

Your dog can get the same great taste of Woof Dog Beer from our brand new cans & we're here to tell you why we've made the switch.

A More Sustainable Future

At Best In Show, we understand the importance of preserving our planet for future generations, and one of the most significant ways we can contribute to this mission is through sustainable packaging choices. By switching from our brown glass bottles to our colourful recyclable cans, we have taken a giant leap towards reducing plastic waste and promoting recycling efforts. Our new cans are made from easily recyclable materials, ensuring that they can be repurposed and given a new life, rather than ending up in a landfill site. When crushed, they take up far less space in your recycling bin than our former glass bottles.

A More Portable Solution

It's not all about recycling! The transition to recyclable cans comes with a range of other practical benefits. Our new cans are much lighter than bottles, making them easier to carry, whether you're on a hiking adventure with your favourite canine companion or simply enjoying a day out at the park. The convenient size and shape of our new Woof Dog Beer cans also make them perfect for tucking into your picnic hamper, bag or backpack, ensuring that your dog stays refreshed and hydrated with Woof Dog Beer wherever you go.

Preserving The Freshness & Taste

Our commitment to providing the highest quality products for your dog remains the same. Shifting to recyclable cans has not compromised the freshness and taste of our Woof Dog Beer in any way. Although our alcohol-free Dog Beer isn't fizzy, the airtight seal of the cans preserves the drink's freshness & natural flavours, ensuring that every sip offers the same delightful and hydrating experience for your furry friend.

Pets Supporting Their Parents In Recycling

By choosing recyclable cans, we are looking to encourage responsible recycling practices among all pet parents. We believe that small actions, when taken as a group, can have a greater impact on the environment. After your dog enjoys their delicious dog beer drink, you can easily rinse out the can and place it in the recycling bin, contributing to the cycle of sustainability. Therefore it isn't just the tastes & actions of the dog's parent that are helping contribute to a more sustainable future, but even your dog can join in your efforts by drinking Woof Dog Beer

Let us know your thoughts on our brand new Woof Dog Beer packaging!

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