Pick Your Biscuit Bite Perk

Pick Your Biscuit Bite Perk

You might have spotted one of our recent emails in your inbox, but if not we’re going to take a deeper dive into our beautifully baked biscuit bites range available at our Best In Show online store.

We all know we like to get more value out of everything we do. Diet is no exception.

Each flavour of our delicious baked biscuit bites comes with its’ own set of unique perks and benefits to boost your Best In Show Pet's life.

First up are our Mature Cheddar Bites

Not every man, woman or dog is comfortable introducing supplements into their diets. And in relation to mobility Canine’s can be very much the same. While we are all aware of the benefits of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and other similar ingredients as mentioned in our previous blog. The Mature cheddar Bites provide a really easy way to introduce these powerful, effective ingredients to your dog.

An infographic from Best In Show, indicating the features and benefits of the Mature Cheddar Baked Bites, from their beautifully baked range available at the Best In Show website.

You can spot issues with your dog’s mobility in a whole host of ways.

Whether it is a noticeable change at home or on their favourite walk, we all know our own pets better than anyone else.

From stiffness, soreness and tiredness while wandering around the house, to taking longer to complete a lap of your local park. Every little detail could be an indicator of whether your beloved dog would need a helping hand in getting around. We all know that as people and dog owners alike everyone can need a little help now and then.

A small dog eating the beautifully baked biscuit range from Best In Show, the Mature Cheddar Baked Biscuits to be exact.

With the number of supplements available over-the-counter today, concentrating directly on benefitting the mobility and pain relief of dogs, this is not necessarily an option that every dog owner would wish to take. But thanks to our team of talented bakers, the Mature Cheddar Baked Bites are packed with some of the most beneficial ingredients in combating the effects of joint cartilage deterioration. So if it is preserving cartilage or acting against the pain of the natural rough and tumble that a Dog will experience, or simply giving your dog a well earned treat the Mature Cheddar Baked Biscuit Bites tick all kinds of boxes.

Keep in mind that not every dog problem requires medication or any extreme diet change, sometimes it can be the small things that can make the biggest differences. While tablets, aids and harnesses can have mixed effects, this can also lead to a drastic change in your dog’s life. Providing them with unfamiliar routines or territory as far as moving around goes could lead to mixed results.


Next up, our Peanut Butter and Jelly Bites

Digestion is a never-ending cycle, eat better to eat better. But when it comes to our biscuit bites, they’re packed with numerous ingredients all geared towards the benefit of your canine’s digestion. If you want to make it easier for your dog to break down their food in future, try out Peanut Butter & Jelly Baked Biscuit Bites.

The Peanut Butter & Jelly Baked Biscuit Bites as sold on the Best In Show website. They include ingredients to help benefit your dog's digestion as indicated on this informational infographic.

These kinds of ingredients have not been included by chance; we have involved specialist nutritionists to collaborate in making the perfect recipe to aid your dog’s digestion. Specialising in using natural ingredients you can be safe in the knowledge that your dog is only getting a taste of the best quality foods from us.

Ally the Poochon Puppy dog, sampling some of Best In Show's treats. This inparticular photo shows Ally the dog eating the Peanut butter & jelly beautifully baked biscuit bites in a beer garden.

Thirdly, Our Duck & Parsley Baked Biscuit Bites

Sometimes food is not always about what is on the inside.

These biscuit bites are all about making a well-treated pooch look extra special.

As with all our recipes, baking methods and ingredients. If they aren’t good enough for their owners, they aren’t good enough for our pets. 

Duck & Parsley Baked Biscuit Bites from Best In Show

3 key ingredients make up the Best In Show Duck & Parsley Baked Biscuit Bites.

The first of which being Duck, as you can see in the ingredient information of our Duck & Parsley Bites, the protein content is thoroughly high. In helping maintain fuel a healthy immune system this is great for dog’s that are on the go or love their grub.

Parsley is included as it has fantastic antioxidant properties. Containing Vitamin A, this acts as a support to the immune system while also assisting with general organ function. Making every bite easy peasy for your four-legged friend.

The benefits don’t stop there with Vitamin C also being a property of parsley, providing support to your canine’s immune system against harmful bugs and/ or bacteria.

Beta-carotene included through the Carrot as an ingredient ensures the anti-oxidising benefits improve the colour and the pigmentation of your Canine’s coat. Giving more than a helping hand to make sure your dog isn’t just healthy on the inside, but is looking good on the outside.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the handy little perk of fresh breath is certainly not lost on the vast majority of pooches. From Poochons to Chocolate Labradors we all know a dog that could do with a hand in the smelly breath department…

Take a closer look at our full range of treats available at Best In Show & choose the treat to match your beloved dog. 

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